I want animated gif for max. $20.00

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We need a graphic designer who can create a comic animated GIF. The Gif animation consists of a female character that does headbanging. The female character should have curves (e.g. Angelina Jolie from the movie Tombraider). Not too young looking. Wearing a Shirt (with a Guitar or AC/DC printed on the shirt is acceptable) can be tight fitting because of the curves. IMPORTANT: The representation should be in a comic style/Illustration, no 3D animation. The drawing style should have clear lines and not be a children's drawing style and also not in the style of a explanatory video. The posture that is taken can be one of the following: a)Left hand forefinger and little finger spread from the clenched fist (Metal Fork/Devil Horns), right hand on the pelvis and headbanging b) playing air guitar and headbanging additionally a pyramid-shaped loudspeaker must be shown on the side.