I want Ebook about fashion (ladies) for max. $50.00

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What I need is an ebook to sell on my website. This is a complete ebook including the cover design plus the design of the pages. I want that the ebook with pictures, details about lifestyle in fashion (for ladies). It should be updated information about the fashion today. It could be 50 pages I think since some of the pages are pictures. The book cover design should be attractive and catchy because this is where they will be first to see it. I know you have more idea than me on how to make this ebook more attractive to women (especially the details inside). I think the first question that we should think about is why they should buy my ebook. So the "About the book" should be tackled first. Ex. In this ebook, you will......know the latest fashion trends, knowing the perfect fashion for teens, mother, old....discover the style of..... This is just some of my idea, I believe you can help me to add more details before you write. Book is copyrighted using my website name. Thanks


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