I want DVR of Chinese Programs (鳳凰衛視,北京衛視,中央電視台) for max. $5.00

in: Video • Expected delivery ~3 days

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I'd like to pay someone to DVR some TV shows for me, convert them to a format that can be played on a computer, and transfer them to me. This will only be for uses that are protected by Fair Use principles of copyright law or other principles. I'm particularly interested in the following channels (so if you have access to these it would be best): -鳳凰衛視咨詢台 -鳳凰中文 -北京電視 太 But I am potentially interested in other similar channels as well. In your response, please specify which channels you have access to and, if available, send me a link to their schedule online, and I will tell you which specific programs I would like to have recorded.