I want Conversion of TS files for max. $10.00

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I would like to get help converting .TS files to a format that I can play online, ideally on a VLC player, or else on another easily-available player. They are from Hong Kong, and were recorded from TV on a DVR device called “Magic TV” that (as far as I can tell) was designed just for the Hong Kong market. (I am not sure if this is relevant, but it may be, and I wanted to provide full information). Also, the files are quite large (generally 13-14GBs for a 3-hour recording). I can transfer them via a link to the relevant file on my google drive (I prefer this method, but I can send it to you via other means if needed). I’d like to negotiate a price for: 1.) conversion of approximately three (3) hours of video to a format that can be played on a computer (ideally on a VLC player or other player with variable speeds); 2.) a detailed explanation of how the conversion was done, and how to play the resulting file on VLC or another variable-speed player.