I want a person to complete a 1 minute free offer for max. $5.00

in: Social Marketing • Expected delivery ~1 day

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I want a person living in Germany, UK, France, Spain and USA to complete an Offer/ Survey or a free download task for $5 ___DETAILED___ . You will have to complete offers, survey or a free download. for a total of $5 Please confirm that you live in the Germany, UK, France, Spain or USA or else the offers will not work. STEP 1: Click on the link that I will be posting on my FB page, complete them. it just takes about less than a minute. STEP 2: When you have completed the offer you will get to download a text file with a unique passcode for each day, please send it to me in this chat so that i can confirm the offer completion. Please if you agree please let me know..

Recurring: The offered service should be provided and charged every 7 days.