I want Custom Software Creation for max. $50.00

in: Programming • Expected delivery ~10 days

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I would like to have a program created to speed up the writing process, fiction novels in particular. The program would have a form or random generator to fill in things like setting, character names, traits, conflict, genre... I'm thinking it would need a database with some sort of writing samples to build upon, and be able to generate a certain amount of words. It could also be a web based program to broaden the content. Once the novel or story is created, it is fully customizable in order to allow me to tweak the story and add more. I would like the program to be able to fill in the gaps so that I can crank out work much faster than typing the entire story on my own and also produce a file in Word. I'm not sure how complicated this software would be, but I am unable to find anything like it online. I've seen websites that offer generated titles, plots, first lines, and prompts, but they do not create the full completed story.