I want gradle deployment script for max. $20.00

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Looking for an experienced Gradle expert to help me in a providing Gradle deployment script. Basically would like to achieve below. 1. Would like to deploy if its new and redeploy if its an existing app (war/ear) on a Remote apache server running on LINUX. Believe we should restart Apache server. :) 3. Request the Gradle script should be generic enough to deploy on any host/apache server. So all the required values should be parameterized. Eg. 1. Remote Server 2. Remote Apache Details 3. Remote Apache Credentials 4. Source War/EAR file location. 5. Post the deploy, a simple unit test script using Gradle (or any suitable util) to ensure app is deployed and running fine. 6. Simple 1 page setup instructions so it helps me to quickly run the script. Please note, I have two AMIs running on AWS. One with Jenkins/Gradle and the other with Apache Server up and running.