I want App to collect incoming infomation from SMSGLOBAL API for max. $5.00

in: Programming • Expected delivery ~10 days

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Experience with SMS GLOBAL & APIs would be appreciated. Background; Currently Sms global is used to deliver sms messages to users to respond to an emergency situation. This is only one way communication and it is unknown if the user will show or how long they will take to arrive to the location. I require an application that will collect information from the Smsglobal incoming sms API on a screen in the comms room that will show which user has responded to the message & their time of arrival they enter into this sms. The information collected will then be listed and sorted by time of arrival, the shortest duration will be at the top in green with the longest >10mins will be listed at the bottom in red, this list will also contain the users name and a clear button for removing all data after the event. If you wish to discuss this further feel free to contact me.