I want script verify daily email broadcast is sent, else send me an Email for max. $10.00

in: Programming • Expected delivery ~10 days

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I have setup a system that sends out daily broadcast emails, sometimes the technology or human error happens and the emails don't go out. I want a script I can set to watch for Emails and if they don't arrive by a specific time to send me an email saying they did not go. I want to be able to set one of these for each broadcast. SO, I will "subscribe" an email address to the broadcast. the script would go out at the predetermined deadline time, check that email address for an email from the broadcast source, if the email DOES exist, nothing happens, if not, I want an email sent to me telling me "The broadcast for ((xyz broadcast)) was not sent." Also allowing me to customize the message to know which broadcast it is set for. I can modify scripts... just not write them. I can set a cron job to run. I just need the script to make it work, I can play with the details... if it works to make this a wordpress plugin that is ok with me..