I want Psychic Intuitive Clairvoyant Reading for max. $5.00

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I am seeking an experienced psychic clairvoyant reader who can do a psychic intuitive reading ONLY for my 7 questions that I attached in word document format to my request ad. Please DO NOT pressure and bully me to work with every offer made towards my request ad. PLEASE READ my 7 questions before you make an offer towards my request ad. I would like my questions all 7 of them to be FULLY answered please not interested in brief answers. I WILL NOT SHORTEN my long questions. I can ONLY afford to pay MY budget price of $5 for my custom request gig to be delivered within 24 hours. Any offers higher than my $5 budget price I will delete them. NOT interested in astrology readings, NOT interested in palm readings, and NO spell work offers. Thank You