I want algebra and trig test taker for max. $40.00

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I need to take an online test that involves algebra and trig. Why I am doing this is of no concern, but I need someone who is willing to spend time answering a timed test with me. I have 55 minutes to complete 32 questions of the test. My idea is to go through the test and send some of the problems to you, you send me the completed answer, and I'll send them in. I'll being doing some as well, I just need to complete the problems and pass. In order for me to know you aren't a fake, I have devised a small paper test. If you are interested, I will send it and I will check for accuracy. I know this takes time out of your day, pretty much an hour, so I am willing to pay you a decent amount for the assistance. I would like to do it sometime time soon, before June 30, between the hours of 8am-12 EST, but I am willing to do anything. Please help me out!! I really need it.