I want instrumental, cinematic track inspired by "twee" movies, Tim Burton's movies & Thomas Newman's work for max. $30.00

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Looking for an instrumental song that would essentially serve as a theme song for a child, if that child was a character in a movie production. It should be at somewhere in the five-minute range or longer. What I'm after is a whimsical tune that draws from the aesthetics of twee movies and their soundtracks, and expresses a sense of childlike wonder, but possibly also with a slightly melancholic twist. I will list some exemplary artists/songs/soundtracks that manage to create the kind of mood I'm after. This will be followed by some specific musical stylistic elements that I think *could* be a nice match for this song: artists/songs/soundtracks: Thomas Newman - "Dead already" ("American Beauty" OST) Thomas Newman - "Lemony Snicket's..." OST Mark Mothersbaugh - "The Royal Tenenbaums" + "Rushmore" OST Jim Dooley - "Pushing Daisies" OST musical means and elements: - tuned percussion - pizzicato strings (violin, double bass, cello) - melancholic piano chord progressions (e.g. I-IV-V)