I want 2 country sung idents done for max. $20.00

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Hi there ! i have a client who runs a non profit country music net radio station who is after some sung idents & jingles to use on his station . There will also more work on offer as well after . Wat the client is after to start off with is a sample of your voice & how it would sound on a sung jingle, the client has chosen a bedding track & has got the lyrics done to what he wants sung on the first jingle . So we would send you a copy of the bedding track & the wording that needs to be sung . Then the client can take a listen & see if its will suit what he is after for his station . if he is happy then we can move forward & arrange the 2nd sung id to be done . As i say there will be more work to come at some point after as the client has stated he will want some more sung ids done .