I want 3D image Mockup of a box for max. $50.00

in: Graphics • Expected delivery ~1 day

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I am looking for 3 3D images of a box that will contain 1 iPad mini plus 10 wearable bands similar to nike fuel band. ( I can send images for indication purposes.) The box has to be a rich looking box as it is targeted to VIP clients. It must also be branded with Trekk7 logo. For the sake of branding use case, the designer can feel free to suggest color combinations outside the logo colors if need be. The images required should be: 1- The box in a closed position. 2- The box open with the items included showing fitted in sponge layer as would be expected in high end items. 3- Another angle of the box in an open position for variety and help in accentuating appeal of the product. There is no need for a production proper design at this stage, as I will be using these images for client validation only. Attached is the logo image that will be used in the branding of the box