I want to see a female do as many forward rolls in a row without stopping. for max. $20.00

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Pricing: $0.25 for each forward roll. $20 is based on doing 80 forward rolls in a row. You can do a minimum of 20 forward rolls in a row for $5 If you feel confident you can do a lot more, then you can go up to 200 forward rolls for $50. Requirements: - Person doing forward rolls must be female. - See YouTube link for what we are looking for in terms of camera angle and speed of rolls. - Must have a 2nd person that can record you - Have enough space to roll without having to stop to change directions or causing your rolls to be sideways and not true forward rolls. - Have a smartphone or camera that records HD. If using smartphone, smartphone must be held horizontally. - No stopping or standing up, forward rolls must be continuous - Minimum of 25 forward rolls per minute, this is to prevent someone from doing them super slow (i.e. 1 to 5 per minute).