I want someone to unlock my reobit accout for max $100 for max. $5.00

in: Business • Expected delivery ~7 days

Username: drakeredwind01  
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I need.03 BTC deposited into my account in order to unlock it. Word for word the message reads: Due to EU adopts rules to reduce anonymity for crypto users 15 May 2018, we were forced to reduce the number of bots and after the exchange system. Your balance has been frozen until you make a deposit. Current status of your account: Verification: Need to make a Deposit in the amount of: 0 BTC / 0.03 BTC Contact online support for additional information. A picture of this message is attached. Please research the site for yourself. The video I made when I found out I won is here: https://youtu.be/vK5Qcx2KYRw