I want Craigslist Advertising expert w/Strong Computer Skills to keep ads in CraigsList web page and other web pages as well. for max. $30.00

in: Advertising • Expected delivery ~5 days

Username: GregMerriam  
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Being your own boss - being able to schedule your time and how much you put into this will determine how much income you can receive by joining our team. Any input from our hunt directors is welcomed. Option A Option of “No Call/Email Service” provided. You can choose – Option A. You can take the option of just posting ads on Craigslist and/or other free advertising sites, not taking the phone call/emailing communications duties with the clientele, and just pass leads to us to follow up on. You still receive percentage earnings from the hunts booked by the leads you provide. Here your computer skills are everything. You will work with a team and get a percentage of payment based on commission on the hunt ads you place that the closer, speaks to in the US and sells the hunt. Work with minimal supervision is a must. A high degree of Craigslist skills is a must. Option B Work with minimal supervision is a must. Regional Hunt Directors (brokers) needed/ Requirement(

Recurring: The offered service should be provided and charged every 7 days.