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Gigs by zergpwn

Review on social media, forums, websites - to boost your traffic and reputation of your products and / or company.

I will provide counseling services for $5

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Giving parental, relationship and other life advices, trying to help you recover or just listening to your troubles.

I will transcribe your video or audio files for $5

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Price is per hour of work, not hour of audio. Transcription is available in the following languages: English, German, Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian. I can also provide you with translation services, if needed.

I will take a photo of something for $5

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I will take a photo of anything you desire - be it nature, industry, cars, people, animals, houses etc.

Price is per hour. Can teach you any of the following langages: English, German, Slovenian, Croatian and Bosnian.

I will enter your data for $5

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Data entry of all sorts - excel, word, google docs or any other spreadsheet. Also data conversion from different papers to electronic tables.

I will test your app for $5

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Price per testing. UAT and bug finding tests or any other test you order. Android and desktop apps only.

Information about destinations, cultural landmarks, food & beverage, transportation, night life etc.

Price is per page. Slovenian - Croatian - Bosnian - English - German (any of the following combination).

I will advise you on car issues for $5

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Advice on buying cars, technical, mechanical and other issues on most car brands (especially European ones).

Price is per page. Either creative, SEO or technical writing in English, Slovenian, German, Bosnian, Croatian languages.

Price is per page. Anything that is in English, German, Croatian, Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian language.

I will help you with your homework for $5

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Help in English, biology, languages, politics, history, geography etc. Unfortunately no maths, statistics, physics or chemistry.

I will be your virtual assistant for $5

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Price is per hour of work - customer assistance, email checking, data entry, etc., anything that virtual assistants do.

I will provide customer support for $5

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Price is per hour. Checking and answering emails, Teamviewer support, answering calls, tech support etc.

I will be your teacher for $5

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English, Slovenian, Bosnian, Croatian, German, history, geography, computer topics, arts, etc.

I will enhance and refresh your logo for $5

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Basic editing of an already exising logo (shadows, calibration, color etc.). I am not creating new logos, just editing existing ones.

I will do statistical analysis in SPSS for $5

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Statistical analysis using SPSS software bundle - multivariate, bivariate, univariate statistics etc.

I will draw you a family tree for $5

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Making a family tree just for you - no matter how big! Show other people your ancestors the way you like!

I will convert your files for $5

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File and data conversion from any file or data type into any data or file type. Also available from websites.

I will cut a video for $5

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I will cut down a large video into smaller sections, remove unwanted sections etc. by using special purpose software.