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Do you have a self-hosted Wordpress website but need help installing desired add-ons, plugins, etc? For $5 I will install up to two add-ons/plugins to your installation provided your website is family-friendly in nature.

I've been freelancing for over a year and have written household articles, real estate articles, SEO articles, appliance reviews, mortgage-related articles, and more. If you have a website with a blog that needs updating, I can help. My only exceptions are as follows: - No erotica or suggestive subject matter - No vilification of anything related to Christianity or Judaism (this author believes tolerance goes both ways, not just one) - No violence or magic My usual writing tone is friendly, educational, and with a general concern for the reader's best interests.

I will create a floppy-disk brochure holder for you for $5

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Need a geeky/nerdy brochure stand? I can create floppy-disk brochure holders that will fit 3-panel brochures. For this gig, you will get one brochure holder.

I will promote your Christian non-fiction book for $5

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Christian author of non-fiction? Would you rather pay someone to promote your work? I'll promote your book on up to 12 groups on Facebook, up to nine book boards on Pinterest, up to 3 groups on Google+, up to 4 groups on LinkedIn, and to Twitter