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I will place antiadblocker on your website for $5

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today everyone use some kind of adblocker plugin/s.w and it hits webmasters hard and reduce their earnings. to protect your site and content from these leechers or i can make your website anti-adblocker. it works on firefox,chrome,opera and on any adblocking software earnings can increase according to various ad-networks. i have developed a wordpress plugin of it,too. save your content and increase your earnings and get more loyal visitors. [my earning increased from 10-25%]

I will migrate your wordpress blog / website for $5

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so here are the services i gonna provide 1) Migration of current website to new domain 2) Migration of current website to new webhost 3. MIgration from current folder to new folder as well as solve your wordpress issues/errors/problems for that i will require your wordpress user/pass or in a case webhost user/pass too. as well as i gonna install required plugins/packages if you have VPS/DEDICATED SERVER

I will SHARE your product,site,link on my facebook page for $5

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i have a fb-page based on manga and anime having 14800+ genuine fans and increasing day by day. i will promote/pin at top your product or website for 1 day . i will even share your product with my 3k friends. here even gigs can be promoted. this gig beneficial >> art/characters/cartoon/sketch/mimicry/caricature significantly social marketing,traffic,facebook likes,facebook shares,promotion

I will create a cool wordpress loginpage for $5

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i will create/design/modify your wordpress login page with whatever logo, colours and text you want. also a backgroup image can be applied wordpress login page

I will create a FORUM for you for $5

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FORUM: a special place for various people to met an share opinions views in open format i will setup your own forum in best known platforms or the platform you wish. most popular platforms are 1.phpBB 2.vBulletin 3. IP.Board 4.MyBB 5. SMF and VANILLA PLATFORM so i will create a online FORUM you and wordpress or any of your site integration i.e when you login into forum you will automatically login into your wordpress blog or website. 2 in 1 operation which help to gain more members. i provide these services 1. setup and complete installation 2. SEO 3. after sale support 4. installing themse+plugins+mods A Forum is a place for sensible reasonable discussion and good information