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I will happily record for you a 125 word voice over script in authentic British accent or standard American accent. All orders are delivered within 5 days guaranteed, often sooner. To get 24 hour delivery, please add Extra $20 Fast. If your script is longer than 125 words, please purchase enough gigs to cover the word count. Increase your order size by purchasing multiple gigs or extras. Double your order for both British and American accents!

Promote Your service or product among 115000 Followers in Google plus Google+ has become one of the most popular social networking website, we are a team of freelancer where one of our team member is a semi celebrity who has 115000+ Followers in Google+ profile. Your product or service will share by the account and you will get - a. Minimum 500 G+ (+1) Likes b. Minimum 20 reshares c. Link will stay forever N.B: No illegal product or service will be accepted, such- adult , weapon, hatred etc. If you have any doubt , please contact before order. For per hour or daily share , order gig extras )multiple times).

100% Working Website traffic bot. This Bot can drive Unlimited traffic to any website or blog. It uses Proxies to generate traffic. You need to upload your Proxies. Just provide the URL of your website and start getting traffic. Capacity to generate 20,000 hits within 24 hours. Additional Features: 1. Reference site can be added. 2. Targeted traffic can be given ( Using targeted Proxy) 3. Express traffic. 4. Capacity to generate minimum 60 hits in 1 SECOND. Will all visitors show on Google Analytics: ** I cannot guarantee any specifics regarding Google Analytics **Bonus: 1. Referal sites text file 2. Site to get unlimited targeted proxies 3. Working 1100 Proxies on that day. N.B: This traffic bears no guarantee of business success or lead generation.

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I will optimize your GOOGLE+ Local Page by creating social signal and reviews. You will get>> >> page will edited SEO friendly >> 500 Google+ Likes (+1) >> 50 tweets from 50 accounts (target url) >> 50 Facebook shares from 25 accounts >> 20 Linkedin shares from 10 accounts >> 5 reviews from G+ real profiles It will help you get a higher ranking for your Google+ Local listing. ** N.B: Results vary depending on competition and how well you are already optimized.

Tell over 150,000+ people about your product by tweeting from 40 accounts. *** You will get 3 tweets from each accounts (3X40 =120) *** Note:- I can tweet any legal thing you want to tweet about your product or services. You can message me if you have any questions.

I can offer daily service >> These will continue for 7 days. >> 1. Tweets 400 from 40 real & active twitter accounts daily 2. Facebook shares 200 from 20 real & active facebook accounts daily 3. Linkedin share 100 from 10 real & active linkedin accounts daily 4. Google+ shares 200 from 20 real & active G+ accounts daily 5. Guest posting (review) 1 daily 6. video upload on youtube 1 daily 7. comment backlink creation 10 daily 8. Social bookmarking 10 daily >> If any doubt , must contact me before ORDER

If you are searching for a credible virtual assistant/social media manager to handle your niche market social media account creations and management. >> Yes, I can handle >> 1. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linked profile creation / manage >> 2. Daily per hour basis update >> 3. Reply each and every question >> 4. Promotion for new Likes/followers >> 5. Announcement >> 6. Event creation >> 7. Supporting group/community creation >> 8. video promotion etc .

We will create 30000 backlinks to your provided domain for ranking in Google! Manual and auto created ** >> FEATURES: ** Our lists are updated regularly ** No dead or adult URLs ** Unlimited URLs and anchor texts ** Proof of Work ** 100% Satisfaction ** 100% Safe ** Fast Delivery ** Money Back Guaranteed NOTE: If you have any doubt or problem feel free to contact me! adult or weapon related links are not accepted for works.

All in one SEO package >> 1. Social media profile links-10 2. Social media marketing-200 3. Comment links-30 4. Video sharing links-5 5. Audio sharing links-5 6. Bookmarkeing links-10 7. Guest post submission-3 8.PDF submission links-3 Provide Fully approved works report. Restriction>> No illegal product or websites are accept for works.

Provide a list of 1000 high PR (1-8) blogs/websites to build dofollow backlinks ** You will get >> 1.>> 100 websites/Blogs PR 8 2.>> 200 websites/Blogs PR7 3.>> 200 websites/Blogs PR6 4.>> 200 websites/Blogs PR5 5.>> 100 websites/Blogs PR4 6.>> 100 websites/Blogs PR3 7.>> 100 websites/Blogs PR2 ** Keep attention: >> >> I provide only a list of 1000 websites , backlink building depends on you. >> almost instant delivery

I will create more than 10 High PR EDU nofollow and dofollow backlinks using blog comments or profile to any website or url. Google like them and increase your website ranking and you get better position in Google search engine ! N.B: We don't accept illegal website for this gig such- adult, weapon, hatred etc.

Provide Wordress Hosted or Blogger Hosted Website With Advance Custom domain and theme ! If you're looking for a hassle-free, low-cost way to run a WordPress / Blogger website, we are here for you. Package description : Create your own WordPress site in 5 minutes with no technical knowledge required 1. Custom Domain (your desire) 2. Hosting from wordpress.com or Blogger.com 3. Custom theme / custom template 4. No fees needs just one time pay in a year for domain renewal. 5. We take care of hosting, maintenance, backups, security and performance 6. We provide contents if it is needed but have to pay extra 7. Find a suite of best-in-class plugins/addonns installed Note : Your website performance depend on your contents. We don't accept illegal website proposals [ adult/ weapons/ hatred etc)

== Huge Facebook and Twitter promoting exposure and blast Advertising with backlink marketing deal == What you get from this service:- 1. Tweets from 40 real and active twitter accounts- 2 nos each [ grand total 100k+ followers] 2. Facebook shares from 15 real profiles -3 nos each[ grand total 60K friends followers] 3. Facebook shares from 10 group pined post for 7 days[ grand total 50k+ members] 4. Bonus 2000+ auto backlinks creation Requirement from you: ** Give your product or website url/link ** Give me 1-3 lines description about your product/website OFFER WITH THIS: Offer for all buyer: ✔ Buy 3 get 1 free (At the same time) service buying duration ✔ Buy 5 get 2 free (In 24 hours) service buying duration Note of Bracket : We don't accept Fan Page URL, Download URL and Adult content or illegal contents !

I will submit your Website/Blog to 25000+ search engines for $5

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What you get :>> ** This will improve you to get huge traffic to your web site. ** You will get the most reliable search engine submission solution. ** We don't use any bots. Some search engines allows automatic submissions, but some of them are manually submitted. ** Also You will receive a submission report. The time it does take may vary based upon factors such as; -Popularity of the site (Whether it has any links to it) -Whether the content is Crawl-able (Server Responses and Content type) - Site structure (how pages interlink)

I will polish your 1000 words and make them shine, perfect for $5

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You're an excellent writer. Your words sing. Your every prose effort is a symphony of language. But you know what? Lurking like soul-sucking demons within your crisp yet fluid sentences are dumb typos and grammatical errors. Ugly, sinister ones. Stupid little stinkers that you somehow missed, even after you and your mother read and re-read the text a million times. Unfortunate bloopers that your clever eagle-eyed readers will notice and cause them to say to themselves, "Pity. The writer seemed so brilliant." These insidious flubs must be terminated with extreme prejudice. And I am the person to do it. >>> What I do >>> I'd be pleased to bring my proofing expertise to bear on your business letter, speech, blog post or short essay. I will proofread it for spelling, punctuation and grammar. If necessary, I'll provide you with feedback on how you can improve your writing.

Provide a quality press release for your product or service Want a quality written press release that will gain attention? I will write a press release that you will be able to use to drive traffic to your site, or your product. I have years of experience writing press releases. What you will get : 1. Full coverage with minimum 500 words 2. Starting and Ending eye catching message 3. Unique images as desire Restriction: No illegal and adult services are accepted

What you get : **Top verified Profile on Gigbucks ** Get trustworthy results! ONLY WHITE HAT SEO - 100% Manual - reporting of EVERY entry! Are you struggling to rank for local UK keywords? not getting the UK website traffic your web designer promised? ** We will promote and market your website by manually submitting it to either 50 - 100 UK ONLY websites** ** Yes this really is a manual service, i do not believe in bots or any spammy submission software. **Proofs and complete report with all email accounts created for these manual submissions. ** UK exposure and will get you some great SEO UK IP address links back to your site which WILL help you in local UK searches ** I deliver Quality and you will see the results in UK Searches. ** Social share via 40 twitter (200k followers) accounts, 20 Facebook accounts(100k friends), 20 Google+ profile (100K followers) ** Complete quota in 14 days RESTRICTION: NO ILLEGAL SITE ACCEPTED FOR PROMOTION