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I will teach you how to read the whole bible in 3 to 6 months for $5

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Have you ever tired to read the whole bible before and you got bulged in the middle of the way. At least as a child of God you have to read the whole bible once in a life time and even several times so that God can have a more closer relationship with you based on the level of knowledge you have. When you pray, you drink divine water, when you read the bible. listen to it, discuss it you are eating divine food. Nobody drinks to grow, you eat to grow. The word is the food.

I will get traffic from 111,111 websites free for $5

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In this I give you a website from where you sign up free and through your site with a little effort your ads will be on 111,111 websites world wide and you get massive traffic for offers because a simple website may even have as much 10,000 or 5 million visitors per month and if you do the calculation with 111,111 websites given you free traffic, you are gone forever. You will receive millions upon millions of traffic and you make money big time.

The internet business is becoming more complex and competitive. One of the best way is to build a personal list where you know you have genuine people on your own email list you can sell to them at anytime. The most amazing opportunity here is that anytime someone joins your email list, you earn $2.00 per person. So that when you have 100 people have already earned $200.00, 1000 people $2,000.00 50,000 people $100,000.etc up to 3million email list earning you a total of $6million amazing. So place your order and start fast. time does wait for men.