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I will give you the artist peptalk for $5

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We've all been stuck in our creative ways. Sometimes you need to hear it from someone who's objective on your art. Weather it's good or bad, I will give you a 5 minute peptalk, to make you feel better about your art. Skype or Facetime. Talk to you soon!

I will make a speak for you in Danish for $5

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Hi or Hej, Since you are most likely Danish. I'm native, and have been doing speak professionally for ten years. I will record a 2 min high quality speak for you, and send it your way in less than 24 hours. Thanks

I will tell your mother to back off for $5

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We all have people in your life, who nags, complain and tell us how to live our life. Most of the time, that person is your mom. I will write a diplomatic email to your mom and dad, and tell them in a nice way, that I'm worried about the way they are talking to you, and maybe they should get off your back ....

I will write your girl a love poem for $5

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Want to impress your girl? I will write a personal and original poem for your significant other in 24 hours for 5$. I will write 200 words of love. Just sendt me a name and a few details, so I can make it seem personal.

If you want real human translation service for English to Danish, I can help you. I am a native Dane with many years of experience in translation. For just $5 I will translate up to 500 words from English to Danish regardless of the content. Fast delivery (3 day max)