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I will give you a google play developer account for $50

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Do you have problem to get google play account approvals? i am ready to offer you a verified google play developer console account. this will take me 3 days to delivery and unique information will be used. A lot of account already delivered to thousand of customer. if you need one just place your order here. Should have any question related the account delivery ask me by message. Thanks

I will upload your android apps to my developer account for $5

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There are many apps builder & developer whos looking for developer console panel at google play store. i can help them by uploading apps to my developer console area. * I do charge monthly $5 as long as you want to keep. * Your apps must be valid and google apps policy followed. * I will provide you only URL of published apps. No developer console access for client. have any question before placing order feel free message me. Thanks

I will help to install SSL certificate to your hosting for $5

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Getting any problem to install SSL certificate to your website? i am an expert to solve any problem related your SSl install. Follow the common problem * Your site warning a message after installing SSL? * Your site showing invalid install? * You cannot see HTTPS before you domain? * You want to display https://www or https:// ? * You don't know how to install it? For any above related issue you can place order this gigs directly. have any others problem feel free massage me before you ordering. Thanks.

I will register a domain name for you for $30

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There are many buyer want to buy domain but they don't have great payment method to buy domain from legal domain registrar. i am ready to register your domain and share details to you. Terms I will register your domain anywhere you would like that can be any of your account. ex. godaddy, namecheap etc. I will pay the domain registration fees. I will setup your name server if needed. max domain price should be $15. if you have any question before order feel free ask me via message. Thanks.

I will rank your any low competition keyword to google 1st page for any targeted country expect USA, UK, CA, AU. for eCommerce and target based business you may need to get ranks for any single country. this gigs might help you. I will rank your one keyword. Keyword must be low competition Must have at least one page content to your site I can rank it for first page search result not #1 ranking. Get your business ranks once they keyword is ranked. it will give you a lot of organic visitor too.

I will guide you how to create a successful adsense site for $5

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Will guide you how to create a successful adsense site which can earn money for you. adsense is a program based on google pay per click. for those you must have a domain, hosting, and marketing knowledge. i will guide you following things... 1. Domain selection. 2. Hosting selection. 3. Keyword research 4. Content optimization 5. Google webmaster tools, analytics. 6. Meta tag, Description and search ranking. 7. Google ranking 8. Ads placement 9. Click and visitor control 10. Tips for future earning. With above guideline a lot of client got success in their business. i am welling to give you a PDF file based on adsense tutorial for this gigs.

I will place your link to 30 (pr1+) website for $50

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This is a perfect link building service. i will place your website link and keyword anchor into 30 different website which has page rank at least 1 or more. NOW GET YOUR KEYWORD GOOGEL #1 PAGE i suggest you use any one keyword for this gigs. where 40 back link can reach you top #1 page in the google search result for your keyword. All are do follow, Unique C-Class IP, one link per domain, has valid page rank. Link validity is 6 month. if any remove within time frame we can replace the link for you for free of charge. Note: this is not a comment link, or profile link. all link will be place to blog and custom domain. no sub domain there, no free hosting there.

I will place your banner to 25 (pr1) website for 6 month for $50

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A lot of internet marketer looking for proper SEO, Marketing and display her product globally. i am growing them through different services. I will post your banner to page rank 1 website. the banner will remaining active at least 6 month. you can post any size banner of google advertising policy. Your banner will be place to header, footer or sidebar which can be found from any page of website. this is a better idea to get large volume sales and customer from global area. Note: you can get some page rank more then 1 websites. we can guarantee all websites page rank will be at least 1 or more then that. have any question? contact us before placing order. Thanks.

I will put your link to 15 page rank 2 website for $30

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This is a link building service. i will put your website link with 3 random keyword in 15 different page rank 2 website. this is not a forum posting, or comment link. the link will be place directly a website with your keyword anchor. Generally low competition keyword will be ranked in first page of google search using this gigs. i am not offering fake page rank, or fake links which is not usable for ranking. All are unique c- class ip domain, do follow and low out bound link.

I will write 10 article on any keyword 500 word+ for $20

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Note: i am offering service with 100% positive feedback. you can check my profile details i don't have any bad work yet! I am writing 100% copy scape free high quality article with popular keyword. this gig will help you to built a full website with 10 article. You can place keyword to write article. max 10 keyword allowed. you can check the article using copyscape before posting your website. Below my article writing condition ---------------------------------------------- 500 word maximum 3% keyword density SEO keyword included latest news research before writing anything 100% copy scape pass

I will transfer your website to different hosting for $5

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This gigs for website owner who has a website and need to transfer hosting service. i will download all file and folder and transfer your site to another hosting. Max file size 20 MB allowed. PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS etc any site can be transfer. All meta tag, SEO keyword will be safe without any change. for necessary i will verify your website again to google webmaster tools to keep search engine record. No link will be change you will get same like previous hosting.

I will create a PHP website with login & registartion for $30

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Hi, I will make your full website with 10 page max! and user login & registration. the details are below. *Home page *Product & Service page *About us & Contact us page are common menu. * Without these you will get full user registration system & login with email verification. * A contact page to receive message from visitor. * A product page to sell something online. * You must have a domain & hosting already. * Google webmaster tools verification free for SEO ranks. Important: If you want to run a online business this gigs will help you with a good website design and full dynamic PHP website inside HTML & CSS. this is not any simple or fake to understand you something and taking money from you.

I will setup any payment button in your website for $10

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Want to sell something to your website or blog? this gigs will help you to setup payment/ buy now button integrate on your website where customer can click to "buy now" to purchase something from your website. i can integrate following payment button. Paypal, Skrill, Payza, Egopay & any credit card support merchant script. For any payment you want to use that is not listed above please contact me first via gigbucks message. Thanks.

Hello! I will create a simple user login & registration system in your website. after that, you can get registered user to your website and they can login with a user name and password. if your website build on php then it's easy to create it shortly within 24 hours beside if your website was made with HTML only will need 3/5 days to completed. actually depended on your page limits. You will get following service! (User registration page with)- user name, email, password, age, phone number, address, zip code etc field. (User login page with )- user name & password. For done the above works FTP user name or cpanel login details required. Made your website in dynamic simple & easy steps. Thanks.

I will write 5 SEO article with 500 word for $5

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This gig will give you maximum content of your website. i will write 5 SEO article with 350+ word. all content are 100% unique copyscape pass. This is my guarantee if you can proof any fake or duplicate i will refund your money without any question. Note: i can write any topic expect medical and medicine.

I will write 3 SEO article with 500 word for $5

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I will write you 500 word unique article. all are 100% unique and copy scape free. you can post the article in your website without checking the copy scape. if you don't know your keyword. share me your website so i can investigate the website with google keyword tool and write good article. Have any question feel free contact me.

I will change/remove footer link of wordpress theme for $5

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Some wordpress theme has footer link with encrypt code. if you remove the code from footer.php file it the theme does not work. "All the links in the footer should remain intact. All of these links are family friendly and will not hurt your site in any way" You will get the above message or similar message when you remove the footer link. your website will be down and no page may not open.

Will be written 5 high quality article for 350-450 word each. i can write any keywords article expect medicine. When you order for the article please indicate me what keyword you would like from above. instead i can write all topic of 5 article. 100% manual keyword selection and hand written article. you can check it via copy scape and plagiarism checker.

I will make a contact form for $5

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Hello! This HTML & PHP based contact form. can be setup any website/pages to get information from user. your visitor could be submit information and will be delivered to your email id. most common filed Name: Email: Phone: Dropdown Menu: Message: & Submit button the form can be match with your current web page color. normal delivery time 24 hours.