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I will master your song for $5

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I will master your song for you and send it to you as a mp3 and wav. I have most experience in electronic music, however, I will be be able to tackle anything that you send my way. Mastering will get your tracks' EQ balanced appropriately and give your tracks the loudness you're looking for! Please send me a track that is mixed around -6db. Please don't put anything more than a tiny bit of compression on the master track before giving it to me. And understand that mastering will not fix a bad mix!

I will mix/process your vocals for $5

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Send me your instrumental track and a clean vocal track. I will process the vocals with the following effects, as needed*: Pitch correction** Gate Doubling EQ Compressors Saturation De-Esser Limiter Reverb Delay I can process the vocals in a style that will fit with the mood/style of the song. *I may not use all the effects listed above - it just depends on what works with the song. Every track is different. But if there are some effects you specifically want me to use or omit, please let me know. **For pitch correction, you will need to provide me with the key of the song. If you don't want pitch correction, let me know. However, if you do, let me know, on a 1 to 5 scale, how subtle or obvious you want it to be (1 would be subtle and mostly heard on longer-held notes; 5 would be the "auto-tune" style that is popular in contemporary pop music). I will send you back the finished vocal track in a WAV and MP3