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I will send you over 200 Awesome Recipes for $5

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Celebrity Rock Star Anand Bhatt shares with us the many great recipes, cooking instructions, lifestyle insights, and fun anectodes that have kept him and his adrenaline fueled peers amidst the good life.His recipes and hints are beneficial for all who care to live a healthy life and look good despite being pressed for time. Anand Bhatt, born in Chicago, is one of the hottest rock & on-screen celebrities to be recognized worldwide. As a major rock star & TV/Movie personality, Anand Bhatt has been seen and honored just about everywhere. Aside from Bhatt’s great movie & TV roles, talk-show appearances and nerve sparking hosting gigs, Bhatt is known for his GRAMMY® red carpet appearances and internationally recognized music as both a solo artist and as frontman for celebrated heavy rock group Anand Clique. He has appeared everywhere from E! & Vh1 to Reader’s Digest and CNN. Anand Bhatt is the first Indian-American to be inducted into the Latin Grammys and is also one of the first Indian-A

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ACX is a strict pain in the butt for most every Audiobook creater and voice over artist. NOT FOR ME I have done dozens of them for major authors and publishers!! I use a full on major studio with pro limiters and plug-ins and I can make sure your file meets ACX strict standards. ORDER NOW and Get These Perks FOR FREE: $5 gig will get you a chapter up to 30 minutes of processed audio!! Final output as 320kbps mp3 file I WILL: Do vocal riding to make sure your volume levels are consistent throughout I will use loudness meters and hand tweak to make sure the db levels are within range Insert room space as per ACX requirements (ACX has exact requirements for the amount of seconds of space to be inserted at the beginning and end of each file) Normalize with as many passes as it takes to make sure the file measures between -23dB and -18dB RMS and has -3dB peak values and a maximum -60dB noise floor Render with Constant Bit Rate (CBR) at 44.1 kHz It doesn't get any more professional!

I will Help Set You Up As An Affiliate Marketer for $5

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I will help walk you through and set you up as to Earn Money as an affiliate marketer. I will even help set you up with 3 initial products you can promote to make money!