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Your picture will be converted into text art - a jumble of letters, The only technique of its kind to support variable width fonts and real-time output adjustment and more. I will convert any 3 of your images or photos into high quality art - text that accurately represents the original image. You can mail this text art to your friends by copy pasting in the compose area of mail or doc file as attachment.

I will convert any psd file into JOOMLA Template for $30

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You send the design, We create the Joomla Templates. Real Working Joomla Template from any PSD file. If you need converting html/css into Joomla Template, its also possible. I need you to sure that the cost will be added to convert psd file into html/css and then into Joomla Template. I need you to confirm me before ordering my gig. I will do my best. Why PSD to Joomla? The web world has been undergoing a rapid change. Gone are those days when you had to opt from the limited Joomla themes provided by web template vendors. JoomlaWind offers the complete freedom to choose your Joomla themes. Do you have a PSD, PNG, or HTML website template? Do you want to convert it into a fully functional Joomla template? Send us the graphics of your choice and make it the theme of your Joomla website at an affordable cost within 5 days or sooner.

I will send You My Diet / Workout Plan for $20

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This gig will include my Male or Female plan, with eating and workout instructions, and a video introduction explaining my top tips & secrets. NO PROTEIN SHAKES USED!!! It has been inspired by the knowledge i have picked up over the years, from some a top 5 middleweight UFC fighter , nutritionists & friends / trainers with incredible bodies, who are just as passionate as i am about getting & staying in shape. Please remember this is MY diet / workout plan, it's what I do day in day out. I'm very proud of my body, and what you will receive is exactly what i do to achieve it. The gig comes with a detailed video explaining the plan and the reason's why i believe it works so well. This is not a tailor made plan, but it has been slightly adapted for Females. The Basic plan for $20 isn't very detailed about workout out. Where as the Premium plan (Gig Extra- $35) goes into much more detail, about everything! I will upgrade you and send my premium more detailed plan.

**POWER UP YOUR SITE WITH ONE OF OUR HOBBIES & LEISURE NICHE GUEST POSTS. ** We will write a 200 - 250 word niche related guest post based on your keyword. We then publish it on one of our niche related sites. We will also give you FREE BONUS posts on Twitter and Facebook niche related accounts **HOW YOU BENEFIT FROM GUEST POSTING** **Build Search Engine and Domain Name Authority** **Boost Your Online Influence** **Diversify Your Link Profile With Niche Links** **SITE DETAILS** DA 29 / PA 12 1 Year Old Hobby & Leisure Niche No blogroll/spammy links **WHY CHOOSE US OVER OTHER GUEST POSTING SERVICES?** **We write the article for you!** Yes from only $20 we write and post the article for you. **Top rated seller of over 3 years** with 5000+ completed orders and 100% feedback. You are in safe hands. **Our process is backed by experience** with hundreds of campaigns in a wide range of niches. **Good PA/DA score **on all of our sites. **ggbcks created** - All our design and content work is..

Need Professional Graphic Design Projects to be done? Flyers? Header? Business Card? FB Timeline Pictures? This is the gig for it. I GUARANTEE this will be the best deal you can find on gigbucks for Graphic Design related projects! Over 2000 Gigs has been sold Top Rated Seller. Please CONTACT ME before placing an order or the order will be dropped. Thanks!

For $20, I will design three ORIGINAL logo concepts for your websites/business/product! I design my work with standout concepts, nice contrast and color balance. NO amateurish design with bad fonts/color! Order now and you will have have a UNIQUE and original Logo for your website! PNG/JPG format with 3 different sizes included. One Revision Included. Crazy FAST Delivery Available! Order Now! :D PLEASE NOTE: 2 Extra Gigs for character/mascot drawing($20) WARNING: I only provide HIGH quality work, no clip art/rehash/chessy icons like what you get from many other sellers. Custom made unique concept takes time, if you need something low quality, unoriginal and finish in 24-hours or less. I might not be the guy you want to hire.

I will give you 1 million targeted keywords for $10

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Here is your chance to get your hands on 1,00,000+ highly profitable niche keyword phrases in 272 niches. After years of searching and finding keywords in hundreds of niches, these hot keyword lists have been cleaned up organized and alphabetised. Now is your chance to get years of work done for you and finally have the right keywords for all your campaigns. 1. Rank high in the search engines for popular keywords. You know that having the right keyword phrases on your web pages will help the search engines find you. 2. You can start receiving free targeted traffic. By simply adding highly searched, unique niche keyword phrases, you will draw traffic to your site like a moth to a flame. 3. You can find extremely popular keyword phrases that get thousands of searches every month. 4. With this hot list of keywords… You can save weeks, months or even years of time researching and finally start ranking in the search engines for popular keyword phrases.

I am sure that after reading my report you will be making at least $500 a day spending only 2-3 hours of your time. Yes my method works for only those who take action and not sitting around and waiting for money to roll in. If you are ready – let´s get started.

Get 2 gigs for the price of one!! Who Else Wants To Learn My Simple 30 Minute Squidoo System That Makes $800/Month On Autopilot Per Site? In Squidoo Cash Storm you’ll learn: 1. You’ll learn how to quickly determine which products will actually make you money and which will be a waste of time… in MINUTES, not hours or days! 2. You’ll learn how to set up and optimize your Squidoo lens in under 30 minutes to attract a flood of hungry buyers 3. You’ll have a step-by-step, easy to follow blueprint to guarantee your success 4. No fancy technical skills required. Setting up a Squidoo lens is WAY easier than building a WordPress blog! 5. You don’t have to spend a DIME!

As its gaining more & more traction in the social media world, people across the world aren’t joining Pinterest to socialize or connect with old friends. They’re joining pinterest to discover new things and bookmark things that inspire and interest them. And share those things with the world. And the best part is day by day more n more people are turning to Pinterest to do things they once used to do with a search engine like Google or Bing for, so am i.

I will Teach you How To Get Paid $5 Per Article While Submitting for $5

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If you've heard about this site and you haven't added it to your article marketing efforts, you're leaving money on the table. Okay, okay, maybe not a lot of money, but if you can still get the benefits of marketing using articles and get paid for it, why not? Now you'll have to test this in your own niche to see if it's worth the pay off, but I've tested it in 2 niches already with very good results (getting backlinks, free traffic, and getting paid for each submission):

How I make $3500 to $6900 a month on autopilot – All using a commonly known (but little used) affiliate program. Inside CJ tactics I’ll show you how to finally get into hot, profitable products outside of Amazon. These are the products not a lot of others are promoting… which means higher rankings, easier traffic, more sales, and more money in your pocket. While everyone else is fighting over that top Amazon product, you’ll be giggling al the way to the bank. I’ll explain things like: 1. How to navigate the complex CJ interface 2. How to run reports, pick winners, drop losers 3. Calculating performance incentives 4. Two very important points and more!

Get 2 gigs for the price of one. Let's face it! Everyone loves Pizza! But not everyone knows how to cook pizza. But more importantly, not everyone knows that there are hundreds of different ways to prepare and cook pizza. With this gig, I'll provide you with an easy to read recipe ebook on how to prepare everything from dough's to sauces and about 200 different pizza recipes to wow everyone with.

I will give you "Google cash generator" for $5

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Hey there, I’m Kevin Young and I’m a full time high-school student generating $9,794.76 per month from literally an hour or two of “work” after school. And the funny thing is… * I DON’T have a big email list to mail to, * I DON’T have my own product and * I DON’T spend a single dime on advertising! In fact, the system I have set up right now is SO powerful that it runs at 100% power on complete autopilot – whether I’m “working” on it or not! All I really do is log in to my ClickBank account once a week, check how much money I’m making and sit back and let the cash roll in!

I will post your 50 ads on Backpage in usa cities in any category for 1 day or for several days. I can post as much as you want and everyday as ongoing task if you like. This is a great opportunity for your small business promotion and rapid google rankings with cheap cost.

The Mobile Market Magic Special Report explores no less than six platforms, all ready for you to profit from them with your own mobile apps. With this report, you can get into many of these platforms before the Internet Marketing masses even realise that there’s potential to make money there.