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***Wonderfully fun and useful Christmas or Birthday gift.*** Your kids will absolutely love this. A fun and convenient way to make sure your pet can easily be returned to you. ***Features Include: Location Tracking, Custom PET ME Code, Personalized Mobile Friendly Pet Info Page, Click-To-Call, Contact Form, Picture Galleries, Video and MORE!!! ***Never Lost Pet IDs are an especially great fit for pet stores and shelters because it allows you to create an mobile optimized “catalog” of each pet in your care. ***Each animal receives… It’s own custom QR code/ It’s own personalized mobile optimized webpage w/ Features like: click to call/ Click to e-mail/ Contact forms/ Buy now/ donate now buttons/ Video/ Picture galleries/ One click social sharing and much more. ***ONLY $5 when similar (but inferior) services are selling for 10x as much. ***IDEA- Re-Sell this service to pet stores and animal shelters . :) Order now! FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE TOO!!!

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An exciting way to promote your music. Here's what you get: 1)Distribution on THREE college campuses (25 flyers per campus). 2)A custom QR code placed on our amazing flyers. 3)Entry into our world wide battle of the bands contest. 4)Tweets about your music to 2,500 of our Facebook fans. 5)European and Asian distribution of the flyer. An incredibly cost effective way to promote your music and win prizes.

This gig is very straight forward and a highly effective way to promote your business for less than it would cost to do it yourself. I will promote your business along with two other companies in an email blast to over 53,000 opt-in subscribers. These people are interested in business opportunities (but I believe that they can be great candidates for any valuable product or service). Highly responsive list. Save time and money. Order now!

Have you ever had clients come into your office with their screaming, crying children? Why not give those clients something cute, educational and fun to entertain their kids while you do business with their parents? How about if that little gift also gave you the ability to be on the parent's mobile phone's home screen and every time they opened up the app they saw your business? This is my $5 gift to you. I created an app called Dinosaur Run. It comes with a very cute game board that can be easily printed from your office or home printer. I will customize the game board AND the app with your company's banner, logo, contact info, etc. It's really a lot of fun and a super creative way to endear yourself to your clients who have children. Since the app can reside on the home screen of their mobile phone your company can take advantage of theTop-of-Mind advertising functionality of this unique marketing platform. Order now!