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I will do background removal for $5

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I specialized in products photo background removal. I am passionate about giving my client the best service the requested for until they are satisfied. What you will get from my service is the real value for your money and if you are not satisfied with my job you will get your money back

Im fluent in both languages since i've lived in both countries for a decent amount of time. I'm professional and i'll assure you i won't make childish mistakes regarding the translation part. I'll be as exact as possible, and i'll be sure to adapt some words in both languages. You won't be disappointed and i reassure you about the quality work.

I will professionally edit your video for $5

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Video editing is a smooth process, in which I edit the unwanted portions from a randomly shot video footage. Does your video need that extra something that sets it apart from other businesses? I can edit your footage and make it flow properly with smart cuts and transitions, add graphics and titles. I can do color corrections too! Remember, since it is your video and your vision, you should have a concrete explanation or editing script of what you want.

I will make you professional logos for $5

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I've been working with small companies for a while and i've been making logos for them. So if you need any help, hit me up.