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I will Give You Yoga Power Poses eBook for $5

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With this report you will learn the top yoga poses that will help you improve your health, lose weight, and live a better, more positive life. Topics covered: • Yoga offers so many incredible benefits, including increased flexibility and stamina as well as mental clarity, but that's only the tip of the iceberg! Check out the poses found on page 5 if you're looking to burn fat and strengthen your core quickly and easily! • Discover the top poses for managing stress, anxiety and depression! These powerful techniques will help uplift your spirits, manage your moods and purify your mind and body in just a matter of a few minutes! • Find out how you can experience an instant burst of energy any time you need it by following the simple technique featured in chapter 4! • There isn't a better way to improve your health and well-being than with the customized daily routine featured on page 16! • And much more

I will Provide You Organic Beauty eBook for $5

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Some of the benefits of organic cosmetics: • They are kinder to the environment • They are MUCH cheaper (free if you make your own a lot of the time!) • It’s great fun • They are completely unique – how about being the ONLY person with that lipstick color, or that perfume! • They improve other aspects of your health too • They make great gifts • They help you look better than ever – and to reveal the astonishing beauty you ALWAYS had Here’s what you’ll discover with this guide: • How to spot harmful ingredients on labels • How to create an organic, effective skin-care regime • How to make organic toothpaste • How to make organic hair products • How to make your own makeup • How to enhance your health with natural solutions • How to make your own soap • How to make your own sunblock • How to create an organic face mask • And much more!

I will Provide You Facebook Messenger Marketing eBook for $5

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In order to have your business succeed in the current market, it’s important that you build and maintain a strong online presence. With customers demanding answers at all hours of the day, regardless of what they’re doing or where they are, you should consider using a Facebook Messenger Chatbot. It's an Artificial Intelligence (AI), interactive messaging system that engages with your customers on behalf of your company, all within Facebook’s popular messenger. An interactive chatbot is the perfect tool for any online business. It will save you both time and money. With this report you will learn basics of how to create chatbot using a bot-building service, what features yours should have and what it should look like. Topics covered: • Customer FAQ’s • Automated Greeting • Casual Conversation Vs. Shop Button • Finding Your Audience • Promoting Your Chatbot • Educate Customers • Security • Design A Chatbot Charact • Combine With Facebook Live • Include Send Message In Ads

I will Give You Blockchain Secrets Video Course for $5

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The key to fully understanding blockchain technology and deciding if it is something that you should invest in, is diving in and doing the research. With this video course you’ll learn blockchain basics and see how it is changing the face and future of the Internet. Topics covered: • 3 Important Things You Should Know About Cryptocurrency • 4 Key Areas for Developing Blockchain Platforms • 4 Things You Should Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency • 5 Cryptocurrency Investment Tips That You Should Know • Easy Tips for Getting Started in Cryptocurrency Trading • How to Use Blockchain Technology • The Top Things to Avoid with Cryptocurrency Investing • Top 4 Tips tp Start Trading Cryptocurrencies • Top Investment Tips for Trading in Cryptocurrency • Understanding 3 Different Types of Blockchain Technology

I will Give You Bitcoin Profit Secrets eBook for $5

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eBook – The ebook is 96 pages long and full of great content about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. The main eBook chapters are listed below: • Introduction – What Is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency? • Bitcoin Value – How Is The Value Of Bitcoin Determined • Different Techniques To Acquire Bitcoin • Bitcoin Mining – Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin Mining • Bitcoin Storing – How To Store Your Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency Safely • Trading And Selling Your Bitcoin For Profit • Using Bitcoin As An Investment Strategy • Accepting And Using Bitcoin In Your Business • How To Protect Yourself Against Fraud And Theft • The Future Of Cryptocurrency • Blockchain Technology Will Become Mainstream