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I will write 7 professional loglines for film or Television for $5

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Sometimes, all you get is a single sentence to impress producers. Even just to have something read! That’s where your logline comes in. This one sentence (two max) needs to give readers a tantalizing taste of what they're about to read. For only $5, I’ll create 7 eye catching loglines that will leave a lasting impression with whoever you send your script to. 7 professional standard loglines for you to choose from. SPECIAL TIME OFFER: I will provide 2 extra loglines for FREE! No extra waiting time, 2 completely new loglines, same great quality.

LEARN TO RELIEVE BACK/NECK/SHOULDER/KNEE PAIN CAUSED BY YOUR WORK HABITS! I've worked in an ergonomic office for five years, so I can help you pinpoint what needs to change in your home/office space to lessen the amount of pain you're in. For only $5, I'll provide a complete ergonomic walk through, including proper sitting/standing postures, monitor information, correct mousing and keyboard usage, and more! Also, if you have any specific concerns, please let me know and I'll provide you with some great tips to lessen that pain of yours. You'd be surprised how much the small changes will impact your body! :) LIMITED TIME OFFER: Do you live in the BC,Canada area? I can provide you with the address to a showroom where you can try dozens of different equipment! If you live outside of BC,Canada, I'll provide you with contact information for manufacturers that may help you.

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I will write a 400 word fantastic children's story for you for $5

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People don't give enough credit to children who love to read, but children actually gravitate to books with real stories and real characters. Not necessarily human characters, but even a Dragon with three different animal heads can be a 3-dimensional character! I can write you a 400 word story that is guaranteed to get your children reading. 400 words of great story, great characters, in any genre you want. There's no limit to the imagination! I can write you a captivating story in any of these genres: -Comedy -Action -Fantasy -Superheroes -Science Fiction -Princess/Prince Fantasy (this needs a category all to itself) -Action Hero (Just like the Princesses and Princes) -Horror (For those kids like me who just couldn't resist) -And anything else I might be missing! LIMITED TIME OFFER: If you order with me now, I'll include an extra 100 words for FREE! No extra time, same great quality! :)