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I will design a unique 3D Book Cover design for $5

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As graphic designer I am here to give you a perfect and unique design for your ebook cover. NO TEMPLATES. You need to provide title, author name and examples of what you require. A good cover attracts sales!

Bitcoin and Paypal Booster 5.0 is the latest ebook that describe step by set method to pull cool cash into your Paypal or Bitcoin Wallet. My husband and I made $5,000 plus within one week. You will get exact step, follow it and make real money. You also learn how to integrate bitcoin to your website without coding and sale digital products. Please, check my proof of payment. It is real and very simple to do. After setup, relax and watch the magic!!

I will proofread and edit up to 5,000 words within 24 hours for $5

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We will proofread and edit your document for grammar, clarity, and organize your work properly. We’ll pay special attention to: • clarity of expression • consistency • overall readability • good sentence structure • Grammar • Punctuation • spelling • Proofread and edit up to 5,000 words/$5 • Deliver in less than 24hrs • Comprehensive grammar check. • fix awkward phrases and improve word choice. • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. As experienced editors, our work is accurate and quickly, Super-fast, and super-cheap.

We believe in excellent and proficient services! Client Satisfaction is our pride! Do you need a typed transcript of your audio or video done with speed and accuracy in English? We deal with quality and not quantity! We'll produce for you a full transcript of your English audio or video file of up to ten minutes in length, regardless of subject matter, accent, etc. We promise to provide clear, proofread text for you, typically very well under the estimated delivery time. We can also transcribe files longer than ten (10) minutes as well, but message us first. Please make sure your file has a clear audio, with no background noise. If your file has a lot of background noise, please send it to us before ordering so we can let you know if we'll be able to do your transcription properly. . We are also open to big projects! • Transcribe up to 10minutes of your audio/video • Deliver in less than 24hrs • Comprehensive grammar check. • fix awkward phrases and improve word choice. • 100% satisfa

I will teach you how to genuinely make $350 per day in the next 2mins for $5

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This gig is updated on 26 April, 2017! 24hrs instant delivery! I give you my word, if you don't make money today in the next 2mins from this, I'll refund you right away with additional $5. I guarantee you $350 per day. Will give you Seven(7) authentic ways, each to give over $50. I repeat, over $50 every day.Don’t get me wrong. This is not one of those phony e-books: “how to make $100, 000 a day”. However, with this information you can easily start making a $1,000 daily even if you have no experience. This secret worth $2,000, but will give you at a token. As soon as you get this gig , in 2mins' time dollar will role into your Account. Make your order now, with our latest update, April 2017 No more dead links and new quick cash methods added!

This is a simple system which anyone can do! Even if you don't have a lot of technical skills! You'll discover in my book practically -top 3 ways to create videos fast -How to choose keywords for the title -free software that makes video creation a snap -Why you must create your own YouTube channel -How to drive traffic with and to your videos

Even if you don't have a lot of technical skills- you can start outsourcing your Kindle empire in no time. My ebook will teach you -How to outsource 95% of the work for less than $10 -The best 3 niches for outsourcing -How to choose keywords for the title -How to find quality outsourcers -Why giving away your book for FREE is a good thing -How to create ecovers in less than 5 minutes -How to make your book more professional than the competition Yes! You Can Outsource a 100% Passive Income Stream with the exploding Amazon Kindle marketplace, it's as simple as 1-2-3. 1) Find a niche with good keywords 2) Outsource the creation of the book 3) Upload the ebook and cover That's all! Basically you will be letting your outsourcer do the work while you sit back and enjoy the income.