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I will send a postcard to anyone you want for $5

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Quantity 100% Service Rating by 1 Votes 1 Day Thu. 01 May. and Fri. 02 May. SAVE HighHypnosis GB United Kingdom Rating 100% CERT Contact Seller Go back | Posted 7 minutes ago by HighHypnosis in Fun & Bizarre Services category HighHypnosis will send a postcard to anyone you want send a postcard to anyone you want send a postcard to anyone you wantsend a postcard to anyone you wantsend a postcard to anyone you wantsend a postcard to anyone you want I will send a custom text, handwritten postcard from Inverness in Scotland to your friends, family, co-workers, or who ever you want. In whatever country in the world, in any language you want. Have you ever been to Loch Ness, Inverness? No? Your friends probably will be surprised when you send them a card from Scotland and it’s easy and fun to do; I will send it for you! I will also write any special message you would like on the card and I will use a special royal mail stamp.

I will make a personal Hypnosis recording to Lose Weight for $5

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Hi If you or anyone you know is having trouble to lose some weight, then I will make a 30 minute Hypnotic recording that will make it easy for you/them to stop without cravings, without replacements and make the whole process of losing some excess weight an enjoyable one. These sessions can be listened to again and again when and where required. I am a trained and registered hypnotherapist and will use my voice and words to relax anyone well enough for their sub-consious mind to easily accept the power of suggestion for their needs. I also use backgound music set to 7.83hertz (Known as Shumann resonance) which is the same frequency as our planet. This gig includes: 30 minute mp3 download Personalised intro Relaxation and word suggestions for easy weight loss Background sounds set to 7.83h I look forward to helping.

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