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I will do any web research or scraping on any topic for $5

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I can do -web research -web scraping -image research -data entry research -any MS Excel job -any Typing Job -contact information research -etc Contact me if you want to clarify some things.

I will make you any type of book cover for $5

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I do book covers. I do front covers for e-books and I also do book covers with spine and back . Sometimes, I give two to three choices to customers but that is base on how detailed their order is so make sure that your ideas are vivid or easy to understand and follow. GIVE YOUR OWN PICTURE or read my extras if you don't have any. REDOING THE WHOLE COVER MEANS NEW ORDER. ONCE THE COVER IS MARKED AS "COMPLETED," I WILL NOT DO ANY REVISIONS ANYMORE UNLESS YOU ORDER ANOTHER GIG AGAIN THAT CORRESPONDS THE RIGHTFUL AMOUNT. Extras: *I will make this cover within 24 hours +$10 (order three gigs) *I will send you the .PDF and/or .PSD copy +$10 (order any of my extra) *I will make you a back cover and spine +$10 (order my extra) *I will make this cover within 2 days +$5 (order two gigs) *Another modification +$5 (order two gigs) *I will find the perfect picture for your cover +$10 (order my extra)

I will make your IDEAS to real STORY for $5

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I will turn your PLOTS/IDEAS to a STORY. I am a writer since I was young. I have written a lot of books which are published in our school and even published all over the web. I have joined a lot of contests and have won 95% of them.

I will do any MS Excel Job for $5

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I will... 1) ...do any MS Excel Job 2) ...do any Typing Job 3) ...do any Data Entry Job 4) ...do Web and/or Keyword Research 4) ...be your Virtual Assistant This is my rate: a) 2 hours of work as Virtual Assistant= 1gig b) 80 copy-paste items for MS Excel= 1gig c) 50 items for link building in MS Excel= 1 gig d) 750 words for typing job (PDF to MS Word)= 1gig e) I will deliver any of these within 2 days or less= 3gigs Please contact me before placing an order.

I will Do any Data Entry jobs or Keyword Research for $5

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As the title says, I will do any DATA ENTRY jobs or Keyword Research for you in just 4 days. I will be your virtual assistant on this job. I will research anything you need on the internet. Things such as e-mail address, phone numbers, images, and applications. I will input these things on Google Spreadsheet or MS Excel. EXTRAS I will do additional work for additional $10 I will deliver this order in just 2 days for additional +$10