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I will provide a wide array of professional services to requestors for $5

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"Catch All" category - allowing people to order my professional services in one (1) Gig increments at $10 per Gig. I do things for folks who initiate a REQUEST on GigBUCKS -- like: - Video File Conversion (One format to another) - Transcribe audio tracks to type-written words - Create quick "How To" Screencapture Tutorials - Strip an audio track off a video into a separate MP3 audio file - AND MUCH MUCH MORE

My happy customers pay me in the most valuable currency when they refer me to others. I highly value ALL feedback. I will graciously accept your tip if you believe I delivered a product/service that exceeded your expectations - and hopefully allowed you to MAKE MORE $$$. I strive to provide professional video tools to help small and medium sized businesses Propel Their Sale Forward @ The speed of SIGHT

This is a complete step by step guide, based on professional video production experience. Why go thru the trial and error of a Do It Yourself approach when you can get tips from a guy who has "walked the walk"? Links to pictures are provided, showing actual custom-made linear lighting sources, indirect lighting reflectors and "BACK Lights" that are truly the "secret tricks" to getting excellent versus good results. Topics Include: ------------------- 1. HOW MANY LIGHTS? 2. WHERE TO PLACE THE LIGHTS - SUBJECT/TALENT 3. TYPES OF LIGHTS - FOR LIGHTING THE SUBJECT 4. KEY TO SUCCESS 5. WHERE TO PLACE THE LIGHTS - GREEN SCREEN and please remember, "Wrinkles are KILLERS"!

Click - More On YouTube - to watch the video. Choose one of 9 Live Video Backgrounds for your green screen spokesperson. 9 great outdoor settings you can use as LIVE Video Backgrounds. HD 1920 x 1080p video I captured professionally for client projects. Provide QUALITY video of a talent recorded in front of a green screen, I will "Chroma-key edit" to remove the green background, then place over my HI-DEF video recording - your talent will then appear to be speaking as if standing in front of my "live" outdoors background.

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