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I will send 600 PLR articles on Social Media Marketing for $5

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I will send you a fantastic 600+ article package about the HOT topic of Social Media and Marketing. These Private Label Rights (PLR) articles are royalty free and available for you to use on your website, blog, email newsletter, rewrite as ebooks that you can sell, and more. PLR articles are a timesaving and cost effective way to create content for your project. This package includes: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Myspace, Social Marketing, Content Creation, Viral Marketing, Infographics, and many more Internet Marketing topics.

I will send 5000 Food, Wine, Cooking PLR Articles for $5

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Need content for your food and wine blog or website? Want to create recipe or cooking ebooks? Enjoy this package of over 6000 Private Label Rights (PLR) articles covering Food & Wine topics including: Food, Wine, Alcohol, Beer, Coffee, Recipes, Holiday Cooking, Gourmet, International Cuisine, Tea, Kitchen Gadgets, and more! These articles are ready for you to rewrite, spin, package as ebooks, anything you want. As a special bonus, I will send you a package of royalty-free stock photos of food and cooking to illustrate your project. Message me for free sample articles. Files will be delivered as compressed zip files, a strong internet connection is recommended for downloading.

I will send 4000 Arts & Music PLR Articles for $5

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This PLR package contains over 4000 articles about art, art collecting, crafts, music, theater, dance, movies, television, and more - all Private Label Rights articles that you can use in any way you like - spin for your blog, write ebooks, make newsletter or autoresponder, create ezine and much more. Perfect for your niche blog or website! You will also receive a free, professional guide about how to effectively use PLR to build your online business. Enjoy!

I will send 3000 PLR Articles on Blogging for $5

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This PLR Package includes over 3000 articles on every Blogging topic you can imagine. Private Label Rights articles can be rewritten, republished on websites and blogs, spun, used in email newsletters, turned into ebooks and much more! This package covers: Article Writing, Marketing, Social Media, Ebooks, List Building, Newsletters, Ezines, Niche Marketing, Pay Per Click, Google, SEO, Adsense, Monetizing Your Blog, Affiliate Marketing, and so much more! You'll have a never ending source of ideas and content. As a FREE bonus I'm included a package of royalty-free stock photography that relates to blogging and technology, so you can get started publishing right away. Please message me for free sample articles. These files are delivered as Zip files that you will download, so a good Internet connection is a plus. Message me if you have any questions or need assistance!

I will send 3000 PLR articles on Pets Animals plus stock photos for $5

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Pet care is a 53 Billion Dollar industry in the USA alone and so animals are a HOT niche topic for blogs and websites. I'm sending you the ultimate Pets and Animals blog package. Over 3000 PLR articles - private label rights articles that you can use as your own, rewrite, spin, or however you like - on topics including cats, dogs, special breeds, pet care, and much more. Use this for your dog, cat, or animal related blog! As a BONUS I'm including a package of stock photography featuring pets that you can use to illustrate your articles, ebook, or website! These photos are gathered from stock sites that require no attribution and are free for all types of use. Get started blogging right NOW with this package! Enjoy!

I will send 10 PLR Articles about Infographics for $5

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Infographics are a CURRENT and popular topic right now! I will send you a package of 10 up-to-date PLR articles on infographics - benefits, creation, tips, how to use for business, and more. This is not old information, it is ready to use! Use these articles however you like, they are PLR and royalty free. As a special BONUS this pack includes pre-written TWEETS that you can paste (along with your web link) to share your new articles immediately!

Are you looking for blog comments to boost your website's profile and SEO performance in rankings? Don't fall for spam services that will look fake to users and actually lower your rankings in Google. You need blog comments from a real human being to help your blog be discovered, raise your search engine rank, and stay safe from bad SEO practices. (This will also provide you with traffic from my United States IP address, which ranks higher in SEO). I will: * Read 10 articles on your blog or website - you choose which ones or let me choose. * Write one real comment on each of your posts, 30-40 words each. I will use at least two different profiles to help comments appear natural. * Optional: Include 10 keywords of your choice throughout my comments. * Optional: I can space my comments out over 1 week for natural appearance and provide 10 comments in one day for quick results. If you have a special request, please

I will send 150 Retirement & Investment PLR articles for $5

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Retirement, investing, property, IRAs, and financial planning are HOT topics for the massive Baby Boomer generation. I will send you a package of over 150 up-to-date PLR articles about retirement planning and investing topics, all royalty free and ready for you to use on websites, blogs, and in eBooks. Don't waste your money on outdated PLR articles, these are great quality and ready to rewrite, spin, add your own affiliate links, or use as-is.

I will send you 150k PLR articles for your blog for $5

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This gig is for a massive 150,000+ PLR Article Pack! This PLR pack is a great way to SAVE TIME and get content for your website, blogs, article directories, eBooks, marketing and much more. Pack is separated into 500+ words and under 500 words and categorized (even sub-categorized) into dozens of niches! Spin these articles, rewrite, create eBooks, and much more! You have a never-ending source of content for all your needs.