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A friend or two and I, (or me alone if you prefer) will have a debate any topic you choose, WITH YOU on Skype (or whatever), for at least 5 minutes then film it and send it to you, with a successful, but probably not sensible conclusion! We may have silly ideas, we may serious ones, however there will be no preparation only what we can think of as we go along! Were you wondering wether you should buy on electric car or Lambo, or a ferrari! This is the right place to come! There is no avenue we shall not explore (time permitting), there is no stone that shall not be overturned (Except the 13th because that would be unlucky!) At the end, we will email the video file to you with a brief (50 page) summary of conclusion. P.S. There were many jokes in here. Remember to take this with a tab of irony. We will discuss ANY topic, for a length of time, we may have silly solutions, but will remain realistic, and will provide you the video in the highest quality available.