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I will type 10 pages of Scanned,PDF,Image docs into Word for $5

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Hello there, Having Trouble with typing or Busy with other important tasks? Want document ready within 24-48 hr but slow typing is getting on the way? No Worrries... You are in the right place. If you want Fast and Reliable document typing service, you can count on me. I will type up almost anything in English (up to 12 pages) from any format (scanned, image, pdf, handwritten, web etc.) into WORD. (I don't type on EXCEL...) "You can focus on other things and let me handle the typing task for you. " With 2 years of experience in document typing service, I can assure you 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to receiving your gig. Thank you :) The transcription will be sent as per your requirement (Word or pdf) within 24-48 hours of your order placement. P.S. I don't do data entry/EXCEL entry. Thank you.

I will post links to 7 million fans on facebook in 24 hrs for $5

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Let's get more traffic , likes, leads and Sales. Please Note: (I won't guarantee you the leads and sales) I will share your website (upto 3 Links), to 7million fans. Gig Features : 100% Safe 100% Satisified Customer's 100% Guaranteed Traffic Express Delivery with all proofs Customize promo message as your wish You will never get a chance like this for $5. You can use a short link to tracking traffic status 18-32 Age Range FACEBOOK is the best Marketing place. After doing all gigs I'll upload screen shots that I share your link.

I will teach you to make money from instagram for $5

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I will show you how to make money from Instagram. The method is very simple and you can implement it immediately and see results. Frankly I am new to this but I am making few daily. [This is not to make $5000 in a week or something. I am not faking like other people. By using my method gradually you can make $100 to $200 daily.] I will be providing you with a video not an ebook or a document. This really worth 5 bucks. The method is automated. You do not need to sit for hours and work. Just think about it. Order and get 1 surprise bonus with the gig.

I will show you how to make more than 10K dollars per months using Clickbank. The gig includes complete steps [a-z]. It contains 100 pages pdf document and 6 high quality videos. No need to worry if you are a beginner also. Order the gig and start earning.