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Why can't I offer a gig at a price higher than $5?


Gigbucks has implemented a gig level system.

  • All accounts start at gig level 1, the entry level where you can offer gigs for $5.
  • When you have successfully completed your first 10 gigs for $5 on time and and have a 90% (or better) positive customer rating, your account will be automatically upgraded to Level 2, where you can sell gigs from $5 to $30
  • Once you have successfully completed 25 gigs on time and if you have maintained a spotless record with at least 90% positive ratings and always follow our Gig Quality Guidelines, your account will be upgraded to level 3, where you can sell gigs from $5 to $50.

For more information about Gigbucks Gig level system, please go to

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