Gigbucks Quality Guidelines

These quality guidelines are designed for Gigbucks sellers to understand and follow our quality requirements. The guidelines are part of our Terms of Service and failure to comply may result in account termination.

Posting quality gigs, setting fair prices and delivering quality work is honored by the community with positive feedback which in turn attracts more new sales. Gigbucks also rewards quality work with instant payouts and free advertising of Gigs.

Please comply with the following quality guidelines:

Uniqueness: Think about what you are good at and create a unique, high quality gig that differentiates your gig from other gigs. Note that youmay post the same gig only once. Duplicated or very similar gigs are not allowed, will be deleted and can lead to account suspension. The number of new gig postings depends on your Gigbucks Level and varies from 1 gig per 24hrs. to unlimited. For more information on Gig Levels go to here.

Prohibited content: Copyright protected material is strictly prohibited. You must be the owner of the content you are selling. Gigs must not contain adult material or X-rated services, violent content or offensive material, pirated software, competing services and any other illegal service or product. Gigbucks reserves the right to decline and delete any gig without a reason stated.

Description: Your gig´s description must be stated clearly and precisely. You are expected to deliver whatever is written in your description. Explain what you will do and any other relevant information. Use a text editor and make sure that your gigs' descriptions are free of spelling mistakes and grammar issues. Never request or provide personal details such as email addresses, IM/Skype, website addresses or any other personal contact details in your gig description. Any means of communicating and doing business outside of Gigbucks will lead to account suspension.

Add images and upload videos that are descriptive and relevant to your work whenever possible. Never use other seller´s images; never use the same images for multiple Gigs. Uploading real work samples will help ensure that Buyers know exactly what to expect from you.

Remember: the more information costumers get, more likely will they accept the delivered work and place more orders!  

Pricing: Choose the price of your gig carefully and avoid overpriced gigs. Gigs are offered for a fixed price of $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $30.00, $40.00 or $50.00 United States dollars, depending on your Gig Level.

Delivery Time: Be realistic on how long it will take you to complete the gig.  If you want repeat buyers and positive feedback, then you need to stick with your time lines. Use instant download delivery if you are selling digital goods like eBooks, software or anything else that can be instantly delivered to avoid late deliveries.  Late deliveries will result in bad customer reviews and may lead to account suspension.

Instructions to Buyers: Be as accurate as possible here.  Tell your buyers everything you need from them to start working, whether it is providing logins, content, images etc. 

Communication with Buyers: Take your time to answer Buyers' questions clearly. Remember that you will have to deliver what you promised. Use polite language when communicating with your costumers and never offer or accept communication outside of Gigbucks. We have a filter system that filters out links, emails, chat user names, bad words, etc. and will suspend your account automatically.

Delivering orders: Once the product or service is 100% complete, submit it through the "deliver submitted work" button. It is strictly prohibeted to deliver orders that will show results at a later date.  Incomplete orders and poor quality orders will be cancelled by Gigbucks and affect your rating negatively.

Late Delivery: If your order delivery is past due, you will receive a daily reminder for seven days. If you are unable to handle the order, you can ask the Buyer to mutually cancel the order. Mutual cancellations do not affect your rating. If you fail to cancel or to complete the order within this seven day grace period, the order will be automatically cancelled and your account will be suspended.  Late delivery downgrades your rating, your account will be reactivated only once. Repeat offenders will have their accounts suspended permanently.

Disputes: If a Buyer is unhappy with your order, he or she can reject the delivered work. Before contacting us try to resolve issues with your Buyer directly. Respond to the cause of the rejection, redo the work and submit your gig as described in the gig description. If you are unable to deliver the job according to your description, request a "mutual cancellation" to the Buyer. Mutual cancellations do not have a negative effect on your rating. On the other hand, incomplete and poor quality orders will be cancelled by Gigbucks as of our Gigbucks Buyers Protection, and affects your rating negatively.

Last update: September 26, 2012