Unusual and Quirky Micro Jobs Are Available Online!

Are you a freelancer looking for extra work?  Do you want the ability to work from home and make  more money? Then maybe you should consider finding micro jobs online.  These are jobs that are relatively small in size and scope, as opposed to long term contracts, which may be used by clients and marketing firms.  However, micro jobs are very short assignments, a sort of virtual temp job, usually only lasting a day.  You can find jobs by category, and there are plenty of them and as you might suspect buyers have the oddest of requests.  Some of the stuff on sites like our Gigbucks.com is quite unusual and sometimes very funny.

Online Jobs from the Professional to the Bizarre

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Doing micro jobs on Gigbucks can make you lots of money.

For the most part, you will find professional and mundane micro jobs online.  Common requests might include backlinking, writing articles,  or a blog entry, build a website, HTML or CMS writing, social media help, mailing lists, creating email lists and marketing assistance.  Since the jobs pay between $5 and $50 at these sites (such as at our own Gigbucks.com), the terms are usually flexible and the return dates are usually very fast.  Some micro jobs are actually not online at all, but could consist of handing out fliers in a large city or other physical tasks.

Then again, you might also find some unique and interesting micro jobs.  What are some of the most interesting tasks we’ve ever seen recorded at Gigbucks?  How about silly tasks like sending a stranger a lock of your hair for $20?  Or buying a used pair of socks (from a cute girl) for $10?  Some jobs do involve writing work but may include strange subject matter, or may involve talking to a stranger or handing out complements for $5.

Jobs Online All in the Name of Free Enterprise

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Be as creative as you can when posting your online jobs

Some freelance artists might offer micro jobs of cheap cartoon caricatures, whereas others (not necessarily professionals) will offer to be your Facebook friend or crank calling.  Some gigs are beyond professional and border on personal favors.  How about the women who offer to write custom messages across their cleavage or offer personal “sexy” recordings?

There are also custom prayer services, Reiki energy services and tarot card reading.  There are plenty of people offering and looking for advice, whether the subject matter is college dissertation help, lover’s tips, exercise and weight training or even beginning lessons on learning a new language.  Some job seekers even offer hacking services and song recording/writing services.  There is always plenty of “temp” work to find when you surf online jobs.

You Can Find Micro Jobs Too and Make More Money!

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Earn money performing online jobs on Gigbucks

And this one’s hard to top-send this guy five bucks and he’ll hit his head on a wooden desk and video tape it for your viewing enjoyment.  Now we’re not suggesting you should rip this guy off and offer your own head bashing services for a job online.  However, we do hope that sharing some of the more bizarre jobs online at Gigbucks.com will motivate you to come browse the site and look for jobs and gigs that fit your talent, personality and schedule all while being able to work from home.

Forget the days of sending a resume, this is the new trend of a career for 2012.  If you are looking for an online job on your terms, then Gigbucks website has great opportunities to meet new clients and make more money online.  Come sign up and join Gigcbucks today!