How to Make Money on Gigbucks

how to  make money on Gigbucks

Learn how to make money on Gigbucks. Easy as 1-2-3 is a “micro jobs” website that allows users to publish jobs that they will do or would like performed for anywhere between $5 and $50. For example, some sellers of SEO marketing services will offer to submit sites to several search engines for $5. Other sellers of services offer logo design, MP3s, writing and software conversions. Sellers offer Twitter followers, Facebook friends and hosted websites. The listings for products and services offered for $5 is practically endless. However, unlike similar sites, you can ask for more than $5 for your product or service.

One professional author who is a member of Gigbucks writes articles at the rate of 400 words for $5. If a buyer needs an 800 word article for their website, the cost to the purchaser of the service is $10. Gigbucks uses Paypal and a alert pay for payment. Gigbucks charges a commission of $1 per $5 earned by sellers.

An interesting feature of Gigbucks is that buyers may suggest gigs. From the home page, simply type a suggestion for the gig you need performed. Select the category from the dropdown box and click the “Suggest” button. Your suggestion is published to a feed that lists suggested gigs in the left navigation panel of the home page.

Making Money Using Gigbucks

To make money on Gigbucks, the first thing you need to do is create a free account on the site. Just navigate to, enter your email address, establish a user name and create a password. Verify your membership once you receive the verification email and you are ready to post your first gig.

To post a gig, click the “Seller” option on the top navigation bar and then click “Create a Gig.” Creating a gig is simple and fast. You simply type what you will do for your buyers and then click the dropdown box next to the description input box. Select the amount of money you charge for your product or service. Click the “Submit” button. It’s really that easy. No hoops to jump through. Once your listing is approved, it is published for buyers to see. My first ad was approved and published in a matter of seconds.

You can make money-using Though you may start with just a few inquiries for your product or service when you first join the site, by using a few specialized techniques, you can promote your product or service and generate leads numbering in the hundreds each day.

Suggestions for making money on Gigbucks include:

1.) Be Unique

Rather than posting jobs that are similar to other offerings on the site, post unique jobs that only you can do. One of the more successful users provides voice-overs for videos. He is a professional audio producer and he will do voice-overs or musical scores for his buyers’ videos. Another user will sing “Happy Birthday” to a chicken, record a video of the act and email it to his buyers. Offering unique products and services is one way to stand out from the crowd and get noticed on Gigbucks.

2.) Write Excellent Ads

Gigbucks allows long titles and provides enough character allowance in the input box for you to offer a well written description of your product or service. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your ad. A well-written ad is essential to attract buyers.

3.) Use an Excellent Image

For each ad, the seller may upload an image. Make sure the image you use when you post your gig is a picture that will attract attention.

4.) Select Excellent Keywords and Tags

When you post a job, be sure that you incorporate keywords into your copy that buyers will be searching on. Gigbucks also allows you to enter tags for each job you post. Perform a few searches on the site to see how keywords and tags are used. Incorporate excellent keywords and tags so that your offer is listed in the first page when a user searches for your product or service.

5.) Be Prepared to Prove You Can Deliver

Have some sort of proof that you are able to deliver what you are advertising. If you design logos, have a few logos ready to share with potential buyers. Only rarely will buyers trust your skills right out the gate with no proof.

6.) Over-Deliver on Every Gig

On sites like Gigbucks, as well as other selling venues, referrals and word of mouth are still great tools for selling your product or service. Make sure that the end product you deliver to your buyer exceeds their expectations. When you over-deliver, you will end up with referrals from your happy clients.

7.) Promote Your Gigs

Promote the gigs you offer on on your social networking accounts and share the URL to your gigs with your friends and family. You just never know who will need your product or service. Serious buyers may be just a click away!

Gigbucks allows users to have fun while making money. However, Gigbucks is more than just a fun social tool. Serious users can make serious money using this micro jobs site.

Use to Create an Online Business

use gigbucks to create your online business

Gigbucks has all the services you need to to effectively grow your online business.

For years, Internet users have been promised a day when the Internet will cease merely being a source of social networks and information websites and become a real source of revenue that can turn into a viable online business or a great source of secondary income. It seemed as if that day might never come but, in recent years, the dream has been made a reality by “small income” websites which allow users to market their talents for small dollar amounts and earn a respectable annual salary while doing so. One of the leading competitors in this increasingly crowded online business marketplace is, a company which encourages users to identify their strongest talents and market them for prices that start at just $5 per client. There are several great ways to use Gigbucks as the kick starter to an online enterprise.

Use to Find New Clients and Business

Most people who are seeking a way to start their own online business are already aware of their strongest talent, and they know that they could offer that talent at a premium to online customers. The problem, however, is that they simply don’t know anyone who needs the service that they are able to provide. is a great way to solve this dilemma, as customers can simply list their talent on the website, associate a price with the service they provide, and allow customers to come to them. It’s far easier than seeking out new clients, and it’s much more affordable than creating a marketing budget and promoting a fledgling business in a more traditional way.

When users sign up to offer their services at a premium through the interface, they’re allowed to assign a headline and a more robust summary or description to the talents they offer to potential future clients. They can publicly list the price that they’ll charge for this service, ranging form a low of $5 to as much as $50 per graphic design project, search engine optimization routine, Facebook “Like” generation, or hundreds of other talents. Best of all, a satisfied customer is likely to return time and time again, opting to pay a premium to secure the talent they’ve found through and ensuring that the user begins to form the foundations of their new online enterprise. is a Key Way to Develop a Portfolio for Future Clients

One thing, which could be considered the hallmark of any online business, is the business owner’s portfolio of past work. Of course, when that business is in its earliest days, there is no such portfolio to speak of. Many entrepreneurs can’t even find their first client; much less demonstrate the level of work that they’re able to perform. The great thing about Gigbucks is that it allows those aspiring online business owners to start out by charging a relatively low fee for their service in order to develop a robust resume and portfolio of previous work. As this portfolio develops, they can begin charging more of a premium for the same service, increasing their income and their desirability as a potential hire by clients.

What’s more, this portfolio does not need to be restricted to Gigbucks clients as a business grows. allows its customers to get a foothold in the industry of their choice and then, with their polished talents and increasingly long list of clients, they can diversify their business and begin earning a really robust income by using both the Gigbucks website and the talent they’ve secured through the company and elsewhere. The key to a business is not only growth, but also product demonstration. Future clients need to know that a business owner can perform, and perform well, before they’ll dedicate a single dime to the service. In this area, Gigbucks functions both a client-development catalyst and a place to develop the all-important portfolio of previous good works.

Develop Better Skills and Salesmanship Using

One thing that scares most aspiring online business owners is that they’ll be far less experienced in their industry than all of the people they’ll be competing with for clients and future business. That might be true in a large number of cases, but it doesn’t need to remain true for very long. The purpose behind Gigbucks is not only to foster the development of online businesses and create new sources of online income; the site also seeks to help aspiring business owners develop their skills and become more adept at what they do. When business owners (or those who wish to be business owners) become more experienced and proficient, they also make more income. Their elevated experience makes them more desirable, and this popularity means that they can raise their rates closer to the site’s maximum per-job rate.

As the user’s rate increases, and their experience becomes more deep and broad, they’ll become a force in the online business world which transcends any one website. Combined with a well-developed portfolio and a healthy list of new clients, they’ll go from charging a mere $5 per completed task to earning premium rates on their core business skill as well as any auxiliary talents that they’ve developed in the process. is the best way to not only chase clients and build a resume, but also to polish skills and learn new ones in the pursuit of a diversified venture and healthier, more stable long-term income. is the Perfect Way to Translate Great Ideas into Great Income

People like to hire a knowledgeable businessperson with a marketable skill to do things, which they’d simply rather not do themselves. The key to is that it actually enables just such a connection between people who are seeking a skill and those who have it. The website recognizes that these talents should earn a premium, and that users should be able to price their skills at fair rates that both encourage their adoption and help make them viable sources of primary or secondary income. The website promotes the creation of online businesses by developing clients, portfolios, and new experiences on behalf of each user who signs up with the service.

Why gigbucks is perfect for stay at home moms

work at home mom

Gigbucks allows stay at home moms the ability to earn an income and still be able to take care of the kids

Have a Thriving Career from the Comfort of Home

Gigbucks is a great option for individuals that are stay-at-home moms. Stay-at-home moms choose to stay at home even though they may have a prosperous and thriving career of their own. Many stay-at-home moms still have the desire to contribute to a household income, but want to stay at home in order to successfully run a household. Being a part of the Gigbucks website insures that the user can work and make money as they see fit. This is a great option for stay-at-home moms that crave the flexibility to be able to handle a workload that is catered to their own personal schedule and availability times. This option is rarely found in other positions that are acquired through traditional employment.

So many benefits for WORK at home moms

Reaping the Financial Rewards

Individuals such as stay-at-home moms and dads do not need to give up on the idea of making a financial contribution to their overall household income. Being a stay-at-home mom has the capability of opening up a whole new world that is full of opportunities to further expand financial horizons of any individual that chooses to break away from the role as a traditional employee. Being a part of a useful site such as Gigbucks can give a stay-at-home mom the opportunity that she needs in order to truly grow as an individual while establishing a prosperous financial future.

Avoiding Scams and Finding a Reputable Source of Income

There are endless individuals and companies that claim to give stay-at-home moms the opportunity to financially support themselves with minimal effort and work. Unfortunately a lot of these are scams and make you all the promises in the world without giving you anything other than broken hopes and an empty wallet. This does not mean that making money online is impossible or a scam. Individuals that are interested in creating an income from online freelancing and micro jobs should seek out reputable websites that offer individuals the real opportunity to create an income that is based on their time and effort that is invested into the projects that they choose. Gigbucks is an excellent example of a reputable website that has the means and capability of offering stay-at-home mom the perfect relents and micro jobs.

Keeping Up With Mom Responsibilities

A great number of stay-at-home moms choose to stay at home with their children because they cannot meet the demands of their workload and family responsibilities at the same time.  Performing micro jobs is a great option because it allows the individual to choose a job based on the tasks and a deadline that can work with their current schedule  without affecting their home responsibilities. In addition, a freelance position gives the stay-at-home mom the rare opportunity to pick and choose the projects that they are willing to accept solely based on their interests and experience.

Choosing Your Own Salary

Utilizing a site such as Gigbucks gives the stay-at-home mom the opportunity to make money doing what they love while being able to demand how much they would like to be paid. Joining a site such as Gigbucks connects individuals who have special talents, skills and experience with contractors that require these tasks to be completed, and usually within a couple day turn around time. This demand allows the stay-at-home mom to set an asking price for every project.

Taking advantage of Gigbucks and offering your services as a freelancer allows you to complete projects and make a supplemental income without having to deal with the additional requirements and commitments that are found in traditional employee positions.

Being Your Own Boss

Being a freelancer that completes micro jobs is a great option for stay-at-home moms that are interested in becoming their own boss. Whether an individual is currently employed or a stay-at-home mom, becoming your own boss is a feature that is often sought out by employees because of its lucrative appeal. Being self-employed surpasses the hassle that may be associated with having to meet the demands and requirements of a boss that can be aggravating to work with on a daily basis.

Being your own boss is also so desirable because you have the authority to decide which projects you want to complete. This can be a great advantage because it ensures that the you will truly enjoy the time you spend working while making an extra contribution to the household’s overall income.

The Sky is the Limit

There is no limit to the amount of work that can be completed through freelance projects and micro jobs. This lack of restriction shows that the sky is the limit for those that choose to take advantage of everything that Gigbucks has to offer to stay-at-home moms.

Loving what you do can be priceless in addition to providing a great amount of motivation and personal satisfaction with every project that is completed.

How to Easily and Cost Effectively Build Your Brand with Gigbucks

Build your brand with gigbucks

Build your brand with and watch your traffic increase

As an online business owner, building up your brand is critical. You need to be able to create some brand awareness within your niche, and get people to see exactly what you have to offer. No matter what you are selling, you need to create a great brand that makes people take notice of you. When it comes to building your brand, you can hire an expensive firm, do all of the work yourself or you can outsource it with the help of a freelance / micro gig site like Gigbucks.

What exactly is Gigbucks, and how can use it to build your brand?

Gigbucks is a site that makes it possible for website owners to get in touch with people who are willing to do small jobs for a nominal fee. The amounts that you will pay for the services vary from $5 to $50 per job. If you have ever used the site Fiverr before, it’s basically the same concept. With Gigbucks, you get access to an army of thousands of freelance workers who can do some amazing work for a minimal amount of money. You can search for the type of gig that you need, and then pay for the service. You provide the details for the project that you need done, and then the freelancer gets to work on the job. When the job is completed, the money is sent from Gigbucks to the freelancer, once you are happy.

What are some of the different ways that you can use this service to build your online brand?

Link Building

Regardless of what business you are in, you have to get links to your website if you want to be successful. Without these links, you probably are not going to get much traffic from the search engines. Search engines like Google use links to determine what your site is really about, and how people like it. If the content on your site is good, people will start linking to it on their own. However, you have to get the ball rolling by doing a little bit of linking yourself. This can be very tedious work, which has lead to many webmasters simply neglecting this aspect of online business building.

A better approach is to outsource this job to someone through Gigbucks. With Gigbucks, you can find many different providers who are experts in link building. They might post a link to your site on the comments section of a high PageRank blog. They might get a back link on an educational site or in a directory. You can read through the offers of the various back linking services on Gigbucks, and pick the ones that you like the best. This can speed up the time it takes to get links to your site.


If you are going to brand your business, you’re going to need some kind of professional looking logo. A logo helps people identify with your business and see exactly what you have to offer. Making a good logo can be difficult for someone who doesn’t have much experience in that area. Instead of spending hours creating a logo yourself, you might as well outsource it through Gigbucks. A professional designer can come up with a logo that you can use for your site, and any other branded materials that you require.

Social Media Action

One of the factors that search engines are now starting to pay attention to is the amount of social media interaction that your site has. If you have a lot of people sharing your site with their friends on social media, this is a good indicator of quality. Because of this, getting Facebook “Likes” and Twitter “Tweets” should be a priority for your site. Instead of waiting to actually get these, you can pay someone on Gigbucks to get them for you. Many providers on Gigbucks have a big network of people that can “Like” your site or share it with their friends on Twitter. This can help provide your brand with more credibility along the way.


One of the best ways to promote a product is to share testimonials with potential customers. There’s something comforting about seeing someone else talking positively about a company when you are a customer. With Gigbucks, you can pay someone a few dollars to review your product or business and give a testimonial. This helps you avoid the temptation to just make up a testimonial on your own, and instead gets you real feedback from real people.


Having high-quality videos can come in handy when it comes to promoting your brand as well. You can put videos on your site or put them up on video sharing sites like YouTube to generate some interest in your brand. If you aren’t much for making professional videos, you can always have someone on Gigbucks do it for you. There are some really good video editors out there who can make top-notch videos for you to use. They could do a video review for your product, or simply make a video to your specifications.

Tips to Make the Most of Gigbucks

Using Gigbucks can make your job a lot easier, when trying to promote your brand. If you are thinking about using Gigbucks, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind.

When it comes to choosing a provider to work with on Gigbucks, you need to make sure that you are working with someone who has a good feedback score. The Gigbucks system is designed to allow users to rate the providers that they have utilized in the past. This makes it possible for you to see exactly what other people think about a provider before you use him.

You should also make sure that you give very specific instructions to the provider that you choose. This way, there is no confusion about what should be done on a project.

If you’ll keep these tips in mind, you will have much success using Gigbucks to completely take your brand to the next level.

How to Get Fans on Facebook Fast

Get Facebook fans
Learn how to get facebook fans on

Facebook has emerged as the world’s largest and most effective marketing and advertising tool. In fact, the company is more profitable than Google and in some ways, more effective than Google in improving sales and visibility. With Facebook, customers gain exposure within a short period of time. Sales are increased as companies grow the number of fans and friends on the Facebook page who are genuinely interested in the company’s products and services.

GigBucks has made it easy for companies to get Facebook fans and increase sales for products and services. GigBucks freelancers provide a variety of services including helping companies get Facebook friends and get Facebook likes. Both processes improve the company’s visibility and reputation which may result in sales. When companies go from hundreds of genuinely interested fans to thousands or millions, making a sale becomes significantly easier.

How to Get Fans Facebook

Companies get Facebook fans by hiring the services of freelancers on GigBucks. The website lists services offered by freelancers. On any given day, one or more freelancers will offer to help companies on Facebook get fans. Representatives from companies will simply click on the link marked contact seller. The seller will provide the terms and conditions of services to be rendered. A time frame to complete the work will be established.

Company representatives can use the opportunity to ask questions of the seller to determine the methods used to gather Facebook fans. Most companies review seller ratings prior to selecting a freelancer for services. While this does qualify the seller’s work in general, company representatives should ask questions to determine the legitimacy of the Facebook fans provided.

Before you get Facebook likes, ask questions such as:

1) Are the fans located in the United States?
2) Will the fans be “targeted” to my industry and have a specific interest in my product?
3) Are any of the fans “fake?”
4) How much are the services?
5) When will the job be completed?

Those are just general questions to ask prior to securing the services of freelancers on the website. Most people have positive experiences with GigBucks when they ask questions and view seller ratings. There are several advantages to using the GigBucks approach to getting fans on Facebook fast.

Get Facebook Likes
Its easy to get Facebook likes when you use Gigbucks

Advantages of Buying Facebook Fans

Aside from the price, there are numerous reasons to choose GigBucks over its competitors. Most people will select GigBucks based on price alone. Sellers should consider these other factors as well when selecting GigBucks to get Facebook fans. 

1. Secure Order Processing:

Secure order processing is available to consumers ordering services online. Clients via paypal or alertpay to accept the services. GigBucks will pay freelancers, and services will be rendered as discussed. 

2. Verified Sellers:

Verified sellers have accounts through GigBucks. When accounts are verified, clients are assured they conducting business with actual people who provide quality services. The verification process may

Get Facebook friends safely
Choosing sellers with high ratings and verified accounts minimizes and risk to get Facebook friends

include verifying an email address, physical address and phone number of the individual. Clients feel safer with verified sellers. Identifying information compels sellers to provide quality work when their reputations are at stake. 

3. Seller Quality Ratings:

Seller quality ratings are the single most important tool in determining sellers’ reputations on GigBucks. Other buyers rate each seller’s performance based upon their personal experiences. Buyers comment on each seller’s performance when purchases are made. Obviously, sellers with 100 percent satisfaction have provided quality work to each buyer on the website. Buyers will generally receive the product or service they ask for with this service.

4. Fraud Control:

Fraud control is important with any online purchase. Every company is reticent to purchase services when they may be defrauded. No company wants to receive “fake” Facebook fans. GigBucks uses secure order processing, verified sellers and seller quality ratings to lower the probability of fraud control.

While customers want to provide Facebook fans fast, companies must recognize that finding quality Facebook fans is more difficult than simply providing any Facebook fans. Freelancers must find fans who are interested in their client’s product or service. Companies promising to deliver 1000 or more Facebook fans in only two days are generally fraudulent. These companies should be avoided because quality leads cannot be provided in such a short period of time. Fans provided this fast are generally not targeted to the interest of your product or service.

To provide quality Facebook fans, you do not need to give freelancers administrative access. Freelancers who request access or your Facebook user name and password may not be providing quality services and in fact may be fraudulent. Do not every give your login info to anyone in order to get Facebook fans or likes.

5. Cheap and Reliable Service:

Numerous companies offer to help companies get Facebook fans online, but no companies are quite as cheap and reliable as GigBucks. Prices are between $5 and $50 to get a certain number of Facebook fans. Prices vary based upon the number of fans requested and the freelancer offering services. Freelancers are reliable, and their level of reliability is evident through their seller rating.

Get Facebook Fans Fast

Get Facebook fans fast through GigBucks. Freelancers are skilled in numerous areas and will offer the best prices in the least amount of time possible. The more fans a company has, the more likely sales revenue will improve. Consider GigBucks to help increase revenue through Facebook fans.

How to Buy Quality Likes for Your Facebook Page

Buying facebook friends is easy on Gigbucks

Businesses using social media know the importance of establishing a predetermined audience to pitch ideas, products and solicit suggestions. When an audience is always available, companies save time finding qualified leads for sales or for customer forums. Businesses will also have people who can provide free advertising by telling their friends about the company through “Likes” on a page. Companies will become more popular when they have thousands to millions of interested customers on Facebook.

Since Facebook is considered to be one of the largest marketing and advertising forums in the world, business owners should capitalize on what other business owners already know. This social media platform has even become more profitable than Google. Business owners must learn how to buy Facebook friends to improve profitability.

How to Buy Fans on Facebook

Business owners can buy Facebook fans through GigBucks. We are one of the most popular and affordable services. Gigbucks sellers offer a numerous amount of services to help companies gain leads for an affordable price. The sellers on the website operate independently of the site and are primarily freelancers. GigBucks freelancer services are qualified and rated by users similar to the way eBay ranks sellers.

Advantages of Hiring Companies Selling Facebook “Likes.”

GigBucks sells Facebook “likes” which helps finds qualified leads for business owners. The leads are genuinely interested in the company’s products, services or cause. Purchasing Facebook “likes” is similar to purchasing a leads list for sales people. Qualified leads save companies time because advertising dollars are not wasted on people who are simply not interested.

Gigbucks is safe and secure to buy facebook fans

Many Gigbucks freelancers can also drive traffic from pages linked to a company’s site in relevant industries. When companies buy Facebook fans, the people expressing interest in companies on Facebook pages will be actual fans. The fans are not simply fictitious people with Facebook pages. When contact is made with interested fans, companies simply have to make the sale.

Most requests on GigBucks are for 250,000 Facebook fans or less. The offers vary depending on each freelancer’s availability, but there is always someone offering to help people increase Facebook fans. When Facebook fans buy a company’s product or service, companies will get a return on investment (ROI). Buying Facebook fans is easy and recommended by experts in marketing and public relations.

Secure order processing when you buy facebook fans

To buy fans on Facebook, simply find a freelancer offering the services and contact them for availability. Specify the number of fans needed and also specify the time frame. The fans will be generated within the amount of time specified by the company. Some freelancers offer money back guarantees to customers. This is a relief to many companies skeptical of the process.

The process is secure. The best encryption technology is used to ensure credit card information is not compromised. Companies should not be concerned about the transaction being safe and secure.

Verified Sellers. Sellers on the website operate from verified accounts. This simply means the sellers have verified that they are actual people and not spam bots. Verified accounts have phone numbers and addresses associated with the accounts. A website address of each freelancer may also be provided for verification.

Verified accounts ensure the authenticity of the account and ensure no one is impersonating another person on the Internet. When accounts are verified, sellers are more likely to put more effort into setting fair prices and providing the service specified in the advertisement. Verified accounts reduce the potential for fraudulent transactions.

Seller Quality Ratings. Feedback from people who have used the services in the past will serve as a testament to the quality of service the seller provides. Seller quality ratings can help guide users who are unfamiliar with the work of freelancers offering services. Users can simply peruse the seller quality ratings to determine if the freelancer is reputable and provides the service they say they will provide. Sellers without positive feedback should be avoided.

Fraud Control. Seller ratings provide a level of fraud control. This prevents freelancers from deceiving customers into believing they will provide Facebook fans when they only provide “fake” fans. Seller ratings help companies determine which freelancers are legitimate and which freelancers are not. Some indicators of fraudulent behavior will be examined below.

Buy fans on facebook and watch your business grow!!

To buy Facebook likes, NO administrative access to your Facebook is required, ever. Be weary of freelancers asking to be added as an admin to invite people directly from your company’s Facebook page instead of simply supplying the leads.  Asking for administrative access may be an indicator of fraudulent behavior.

If a freelancer purports to provide 1000 or more Facebook fans in a couple of days, the company may be using fraudulent and unscrupulous means. The leads will probably not be targeted and may be useless for the company. Fraudulent Facebook fans providers may also provide overseas fans to companies located in the United States. This is also a fraudulent practice if the fans do not travel to the United States frequently.

GigBucks can offer services for low prices because the company uses the community to monitor the behavior of the freelancer. As long as people in the community participate, fraudulent behavior will not find its way into the community.

Cheap and Reliable Service. GigBucks offers cheap and reliable services. Freelancers often offer quality work for less for a variety of reasons. Companies can buy Facebook fans from freelancers for less because they need the work and will lower prices to undercut the competition.

Most freelancers will provide quality work for less, but companies must verify their legitimacy through customer feedback. Customer feedback provides assurance that companies are selecting a person who stands by their promise to provide Facebook fans.

Buy Facebook Fans and Increase Sales

Buy Facebook fans today and increase sales of organizations. With targeted Facebook fans, companies can increase interest in products and services and increase sales. Perform due diligence before selecting a seller and buy Facebook fans today.

How to Buy Twitter Followers Safely & Successfully

Purchase Twitter Followers to increase your business exposure

In terms of marketing, it may seem counterproductive to limit yourself to the 140 character limit of Twitter. However, such brief messages can be highly effective. First, you need to get followers. The process can be time consuming. You go to a user’s profile page and click to follow them and hope they return the favor and follow you back, but there is no guarantee. In the world of social networks, not everyone sees the urgency of doing this right away. This can be extremely frustrating when you are using Twitter for marketing purposes. With a little preparation, you can buy Twitter followers effectively and get the results you want.

{MYGIGS} follower/w/480{MYGIGS}

Before you buy quality twitter followers with any service, it helps to make sure your Twitter page is spruced up enough to make it inviting to followers. When you post a tweet, a notification of your message is sent to all your followers on Twitter. This increases the visibility of your tweets. Adding a few select apps to your Twitter page can help attract more twitter followers. Some of the most popular business apps for Twitter include:

• HootSuite – This Twitter app allows you to schedule updates spanning multiple channels with multiple accounts on whichever days you chose.  This app will guarantee easy management to keep your followers up to date with scheduled posts.

• TwitterCounter – This is a good way to measure your overall Twitter account performance. The dashboard keeps track of your twitter followers, counting both followers and tweets. Additional widgets can be used on website/blog to indicate your social media presence.

• Trendrr – This service allows you to track and manage all your social media account interactions, including Live Web Search, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It includes a reporting system and complete dashboard.

Even if you buy real Twitter followers, you still need to update your content. In the “Twitterverse” this means fresh posts and links to more content that cannot be reduced to 140 characters. You will quickly lose followers, even ones you paid for, if you don’t tweet enough or present interesting content to engage your real twitter followers. Using some of the apps like those mentioned above can help connect all your online account resources together. Sending “auto tweets” connected to certain keywords cuts down on some of the work involved in maintaining content and keeping up with twitter followers.

It can cost anywhere from $5 to $50 to buy real Twitter followers through Gigbucks. It depends on several factors, including how many followers you need to get started, your overall marketing goals and how much you are willing to spend to achieve those goals. With some services available from users posting on Gigbucks, can get you the most Twitter followers without too much time and effort on your part – especially if the user providing the service this way already has many twitter followers.

Get the Most Twitter Followers through

Some users posting on Gigbucks are creative with the way they offer to help you acquire followers. For example, some users will wear a T-shirt asking people to follow you on Twitter for a certain period of time. Others will post your Twitter name on their Facebook and ask that others follow you. Some will offer to wear a hat or even paint your Twitter name on the side of their car for a few days. This may not always be the best way to buy followers for Twitter, but it certainly is creative. You could still end up with the amount of followers you need to achieve your marketing goals.

When you buy quality Twitter followers, you want to make sure you aren’t getting scammed. Gigbucks rates users offering to boost your following on Twitter. Since the ratings on based on the experience of others, you get a good idea of how reliable a user is. Another service of Gigbucks is verified sellers. Gigbucks requires a user to upload a utility bill and photo ID if they want to be verified. You should avoid users who are obviously skirting some of the rules of Twitter. The posted user rating on Gigbucks usually eliminates questionable sellers.

You can purchase twitter followers just about anywhere online. Do a simple online search of “Twitter buy followers” or similar wording and you’ll find multiple listings. Craigslist alone has hundreds of listings. However, these are unmonitored. Gigbucks is a better choice if you are looking for a safe way to buy Twitter followers. Users who violate site policies and terms on Gigbucks are blocked by IP address, a plus when trying to avoid users who don’t deliver. Getting burned by a service you think is legit can be downright frustrating, not to mention unproductive. It helps to look for users who have been at it for a while. This is not to say that new users aren’t trustworthy, but sometimes it is better to ere on the side of caution.


If you are investing $5 you can afford to make a few bad decisions when you buy followers for Twitter. If you are investing $50 or more, however, you want to make sure you are getting what you paid for. Gigbucks is setup to help you successfully buy Twitter followers right away. We eliminate duplicate listings and record the IP address of those posting on the site. This helps to reduce another common problem with purchasing Twitter followers online – acquiring a list of followers who either don’t tweet that often or are not responsive to your content. Look at the user rating listed on Gigbucks and the wording of the posting before deciding on a seller.

Gigbucks uses services like AlertPay and PayPal to transfer funds which guarantee a safe transaction. This takes the risk out of transferring fees between you and the seller. The funds are only released on Gigbucks once the seller has completed the service for you and you have accepted the results. A setup like this makes it safer to buy realTwitter followers without the hassle of sorting through postings that promise results, but deliver nothing. Gigbucks eliminates a lot of the risks associated with buying quality Twitter followers so you reap the rewards that come with having a loyal and sizable following on Twitter.

Gigbucks Introduces Gig Levels

Introducing: New Gig Level System with great features for serious Sellers!

We have just released another exciting new feature that will help boost your sales and gain your customer’s trust.

Welcome to Gig Levels:

Gig Levels are designed to control access to exclusive features and offer faster payouts to trusted sellers who are serious about making money by offering quality services on

We are committed to support those who make Gigbucks great so we have developed an automated system that dynamically and individually ranks sellers based on two parameters: Delivery Time & Customer Rating.

If you deliver your Gigs on time and if your customer ratings are above 90% positive you will be able to make more money. Depending on your Gig Level you have available different Gig price options, instant payout and free social marketing & link building benefits.

Here is how it works:

Gig Level 1
All new accounts start at Level 1. This is the entry level where you can offer Gigs for $5 bucks.
You can post 1 new gig per 24 hours.

Gig Level 2:
Once you have successfully completed your first 10 Gigs for $5 bucks on time and if you have received a 90% (or better) positive customer rating, your account automatically gets upgraded to Level 2. You can sell Gigs from $5 to $30 on Gig Level 2 and we’ll promote your Gigs for you.
You can post 2 new gigs per 24 hours.

Gig Level 3:
Once you have successfully completed 25 Gigs on time and if you have maintained a spotless record with at least a 90% positive ratings, you will be upgraded to Level 3. Level 3 is the account for trusted Gigbucks users with exclusive features such as instant payputs. Level 3 let’s you sell Gigs from $5 to $50 with the option of recurring Gigs.
You can post unlimited gigs.

Deliver quality Gigs on time, get great customer ratings and hold the key to success on Gigbucks!

Read all about our new Gig Levels HERE


Make Money From Home using Gigbucks

make money from home

Earn money at home on Gigbucks

Are you looking for ways to make money from home?  Do you rack your brain wondering how to make money at home? There is a legitimate work from home job out there, but many jobs require you have a set schedule, which often defeats the purpose of wanting to work from your own home (and especially if you are just looking for a little extra pocket cash now and then).  There are websites such as Etsy, where you can sells the wares you handcraft.  The competition is fierce, however, and you really have to find an item that stands out above the rest.  The site eBay is another option that allows you to work when you want to, but then you must have a lot of storage space and be organized so you can keep on top of what ships when and to whom.  The eBay site also takes a rather big chunk of your profits for fees, which means either you mark the item up or lose money.

Make Money at Home Working Online

Making money online from home seems like a dream business for most people, but it can be your reality!  If you are looking for something “new” where you can make extra pocket cash but still have your freedom then you may want to consider looking into our site.  What exactly do you sell on Gigbucks?  Practically anything you want!

earn money at home

Gigbucks allows you to make money from home

Writing, advice, graphics, and advertising can all be offered on the website.  It doesn’t stop there!  You can sell your nana’s secret recipes, your killer fitness tips, or your drawings!  Be creative, make a listing and see what sells!  You can also sell more “serious” services in order to make money at home on our Gigbucks website.  You can offer business services, such as resume writing or help with social marketing.  Whatever skill or idea you have or can come up with, you can sell it on Gigbucks!

Making Money From Home Actually Works

making money at home

Spend more time with your family while making money at home

So just how does it all work?  People start online by signing up for an account on Gigbucks website.  You’ll need a valid email address in order to sign up with so you can earn money at home.  From there you can decide what services and jobs you have to offer.  Nothing illegal is allowed on the website, of course, so no trying to sell your kidneys!  You choose a fixed price for your service ranging from 5 dollars to 50 dollars and write out a description for what you have to offer.
All postings for gigs are free, so put up as many different offers as you want!  However, don’t post repeats of the same offer, as they will just be deleted.  Buyers also must register through Gigbucks and all transactions must be done on our website.  All earnings are paid out through Paypal or Alert Pay, so you will need an account for those if you don’t have them already, but they are also free to sign up for.

Earn money at home while sitting on the internet, has never been this easy.  Everyone has skills that they could be cashing in on, and Gigbucks is the perfect market to get started.  The more creative and unique the ideas, the more likely you are to
make money.  Brainstorming new ideas really is the only hard part of this gig, and it is usually lots of fun anyway!  Set a fair price on what you have to offer and you are sure to start making sales.  Work at home without the hassles of being tied down.  Start making extra income today with our help and enjoy your life!  Home based work really is the easiest way to earn money.

Unusual and Quirky Micro Jobs Are Available Online!

Are you a freelancer looking for extra work?  Do you want the ability to work from home and make  more money? Then maybe you should consider finding micro jobs online.  These are jobs that are relatively small in size and scope, as opposed to long term contracts, which may be used by clients and marketing firms.  However, micro jobs are very short assignments, a sort of virtual temp job, usually only lasting a day.  You can find jobs by category, and there are plenty of them and as you might suspect buyers have the oddest of requests.  Some of the stuff on sites like our is quite unusual and sometimes very funny.

Online Jobs from the Professional to the Bizarre

micro gigs

Doing micro jobs on Gigbucks can make you lots of money.

For the most part, you will find professional and mundane micro jobs online.  Common requests might include backlinking, writing articles,  or a blog entry, build a website, HTML or CMS writing, social media help, mailing lists, creating email lists and marketing assistance.  Since the jobs pay between $5 and $50 at these sites (such as at our own, the terms are usually flexible and the return dates are usually very fast.  Some micro jobs are actually not online at all, but could consist of handing out fliers in a large city or other physical tasks.

Then again, you might also find some unique and interesting micro jobs.  What are some of the most interesting tasks we’ve ever seen recorded at Gigbucks?  How about silly tasks like sending a stranger a lock of your hair for $20?  Or buying a used pair of socks (from a cute girl) for $10?  Some jobs do involve writing work but may include strange subject matter, or may involve talking to a stranger or handing out complements for $5.

Jobs Online All in the Name of Free Enterprise

jobs online

Be as creative as you can when posting your online jobs

Some freelance artists might offer micro jobs of cheap cartoon caricatures, whereas others (not necessarily professionals) will offer to be your Facebook friend or crank calling.  Some gigs are beyond professional and border on personal favors.  How about the women who offer to write custom messages across their cleavage or offer personal “sexy” recordings?

There are also custom prayer services, Reiki energy services and tarot card reading.  There are plenty of people offering and looking for advice, whether the subject matter is college dissertation help, lover’s tips, exercise and weight training or even beginning lessons on learning a new language.  Some job seekers even offer hacking services and song recording/writing services.  There is always plenty of “temp” work to find when you surf online jobs.

You Can Find Micro Jobs Too and Make More Money!

online jobs

Earn money performing online jobs on Gigbucks

And this one’s hard to top-send this guy five bucks and he’ll hit his head on a wooden desk and video tape it for your viewing enjoyment.  Now we’re not suggesting you should rip this guy off and offer your own head bashing services for a job online.  However, we do hope that sharing some of the more bizarre jobs online at will motivate you to come browse the site and look for jobs and gigs that fit your talent, personality and schedule all while being able to work from home.

Forget the days of sending a resume, this is the new trend of a career for 2012.  If you are looking for an online job on your terms, then Gigbucks website has great opportunities to meet new clients and make more money online.  Come sign up and join Gigcbucks today!