How to Buy Twitter Followers Safely & Successfully

Purchase Twitter Followers to increase your business exposure

In terms of marketing, it may seem counterproductive to limit yourself to the 140 character limit of Twitter. However, such brief messages can be highly effective. First, you need to get followers. The process can be time consuming. You go to a user’s profile page and click to follow them and hope they return the favor and follow you back, but there is no guarantee. In the world of social networks, not everyone sees the urgency of doing this right away. This can be extremely frustrating when you are using Twitter for marketing purposes. With a little preparation, you can buy Twitter followers effectively and get the results you want.

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Before you buy quality twitter followers with any service, it helps to make sure your Twitter page is spruced up enough to make it inviting to followers. When you post a tweet, a notification of your message is sent to all your followers on Twitter. This increases the visibility of your tweets. Adding a few select apps to your Twitter page can help attract more twitter followers. Some of the most popular business apps for Twitter include:

• HootSuite – This Twitter app allows you to schedule updates spanning multiple channels with multiple accounts on whichever days you chose.  This app will guarantee easy management to keep your followers up to date with scheduled posts.

• TwitterCounter – This is a good way to measure your overall Twitter account performance. The dashboard keeps track of your twitter followers, counting both followers and tweets. Additional widgets can be used on website/blog to indicate your social media presence.

• Trendrr – This service allows you to track and manage all your social media account interactions, including Live Web Search, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It includes a reporting system and complete dashboard.

Even if you buy real Twitter followers, you still need to update your content. In the “Twitterverse” this means fresh posts and links to more content that cannot be reduced to 140 characters. You will quickly lose followers, even ones you paid for, if you don’t tweet enough or present interesting content to engage your real twitter followers. Using some of the apps like those mentioned above can help connect all your online account resources together. Sending “auto tweets” connected to certain keywords cuts down on some of the work involved in maintaining content and keeping up with twitter followers.

It can cost anywhere from $5 to $50 to buy real Twitter followers through Gigbucks. It depends on several factors, including how many followers you need to get started, your overall marketing goals and how much you are willing to spend to achieve those goals. With some services available from users posting on Gigbucks, can get you the most Twitter followers without too much time and effort on your part – especially if the user providing the service this way already has many twitter followers.

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Some users posting on Gigbucks are creative with the way they offer to help you acquire followers. For example, some users will wear a T-shirt asking people to follow you on Twitter for a certain period of time. Others will post your Twitter name on their Facebook and ask that others follow you. Some will offer to wear a hat or even paint your Twitter name on the side of their car for a few days. This may not always be the best way to buy followers for Twitter, but it certainly is creative. You could still end up with the amount of followers you need to achieve your marketing goals.

When you buy quality Twitter followers, you want to make sure you aren’t getting scammed. Gigbucks rates users offering to boost your following on Twitter. Since the ratings on based on the experience of others, you get a good idea of how reliable a user is. Another service of Gigbucks is verified sellers. Gigbucks requires a user to upload a utility bill and photo ID if they want to be verified. You should avoid users who are obviously skirting some of the rules of Twitter. The posted user rating on Gigbucks usually eliminates questionable sellers.

You can purchase twitter followers just about anywhere online. Do a simple online search of “Twitter buy followers” or similar wording and you’ll find multiple listings. Craigslist alone has hundreds of listings. However, these are unmonitored. Gigbucks is a better choice if you are looking for a safe way to buy Twitter followers. Users who violate site policies and terms on Gigbucks are blocked by IP address, a plus when trying to avoid users who don’t deliver. Getting burned by a service you think is legit can be downright frustrating, not to mention unproductive. It helps to look for users who have been at it for a while. This is not to say that new users aren’t trustworthy, but sometimes it is better to ere on the side of caution.


If you are investing $5 you can afford to make a few bad decisions when you buy followers for Twitter. If you are investing $50 or more, however, you want to make sure you are getting what you paid for. Gigbucks is setup to help you successfully buy Twitter followers right away. We eliminate duplicate listings and record the IP address of those posting on the site. This helps to reduce another common problem with purchasing Twitter followers online – acquiring a list of followers who either don’t tweet that often or are not responsive to your content. Look at the user rating listed on Gigbucks and the wording of the posting before deciding on a seller.

Gigbucks uses services like AlertPay and PayPal to transfer funds which guarantee a safe transaction. This takes the risk out of transferring fees between you and the seller. The funds are only released on Gigbucks once the seller has completed the service for you and you have accepted the results. A setup like this makes it safer to buy realTwitter followers without the hassle of sorting through postings that promise results, but deliver nothing. Gigbucks eliminates a lot of the risks associated with buying quality Twitter followers so you reap the rewards that come with having a loyal and sizable following on Twitter.