Get More Pinterest Followers Quick & Easy

Pinterest is the rage in social media sites. The site has over 10 million members at this point and is newer than some of the social media giants. The amazing thing is that Pinterest gets more referrals to your personal website than Google+, LinkedIn, and Youtube combined. Just think of all the traffic you can generate using Pinterest, assuming you know how to use the site to its full potential.

Pinterest is like other social media sites in that it is based on popularity. People who use Pinterest follow pins, or posts, that are popular and that other people are reposting, or in Pinterest terms “repinning”. The way Pinterest works is that people find a pin that they find interesting and click a button below the image that repins the post for their followers to see. The more followers a person has on Pinterest means that more people will be able to see what they pin.

Remember, popularity is the key to social media sites like Pinterest. The more followers or friends a member has, the more popular they are. The most popular members have the power to drive enormous amounts of traffic to their site, and we all know that the more traffic a website gets, the more status is gained in search engine results.

Pinterest can be used as a valuable tool for generating massive amounts of traffic to your site. Under each pin you post, you are allowed to enter the URL to your website. Each time someone repins your original post, your URL is being repinned along with it, giving your website maximum exposure. Your URL will show up on other members boards, directing traffic to your site. It is a great tool for monetizing your website through exposure.

The only catch is that you need the popularity gained from massive amounts of followers in order to get the maximum amount of traffic to your site. The more followers you have following and reposting your pins on Pinterest, the more of an advantage you have broadcasting your URL and driving traffic to your site. This is where Gigbucks can help.

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Pinterest is the hottest new social media site and shouldn’t be ignored in your marketing efforts to gain traffic. Pinterest is just as important as any other social media site in that it creates a social presence for you and your site on the internet. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to drive thousands of visitors to your site by ignoring the value of Pinterest as a social media giant. Right now Pinterest has over 10 million subscribers and that number is still growing exponentially.

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