Exciting new features to make you more money

Gigbucks has been in the news a lot lately and we’re just getting started!

We have just released 3 very exciting new features that will help boost your sales and gain your customer’s trust: 

    Many of you have asked for this feature and we have listened. Using a simple java script code, you can display your Gigbucks gigs on your websites and blogs! You can adjust the the number of gigs to show, the font colors and width of the snipplet and the best part is that Googlebot can read our java script and index your gigs!Get your code by clicking this link: http://gigbucks.com/manage_gigs
  2. Sample of embedded gigs:

    All sellers have the option to verify their identity which requires your personal contact information as well as uploading a copy of your passport or ID card along with a recent utility bill. The verification process is completely free for all sellers and as soon as your identity is verified, your account will be upgraded to “Verified Account” status and display a badge so everybody can quickly see that you are a trusted and verified seller. You identity will never been disclosed to anyone!Verify your account by clicking this link: http://gigbucks.com/verify-account

    If you’re selling digital goods like ebooks, software or anything else that can be instantly delivered, then this is for you! You can add a file to your gig wich will be instantly delivered when someone orders your gig. No more waiting customers means happier customers and more business for you! Instant downloads can be added to existing gigs as well so go ahead and change your existing gigs as well!

There will be more cool stuff from Gigbucks very soon! If you have any questions please email support@gigbucks.com or open a support ticket at http://gigbucks.com/support