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10 Ways To Grow Your Business With Gigbucks

Five bucks may seem like a small amount of money, but there are many cool new ways to grow your business using Gigbucks!

Hopefully some of these strategies will give you some good ideas to help you grow your business with Gigbucks….

1.  Get Testimonials To Help Build Your Client Base

We all have to start somewhere.  Sometimes when you are trying to start out in a new business or profession, it can be difficult to build your business because you don’t have any testimonials or examples of satisfied customers.  One way to achieve testimonials is to start by offering a unique but small service for just $5 on Gigbucks.  This can be a great way to generate new customers and testimonials without the buyer taking a lot of risk to test your relatively new history.

2.  Sell E-Books, Songs, Art, or Other Bite Sized Digital Products

Five bucks might seem like a small amount of money, but many things like songs, books, and art can sell for only .99 cents (on Itunes or Amazon).  Why not offer the same song, book, or art piece with an added bonus for $5 on Gigbucks?  Instead of one song for .99 cents, you could offer 8 songs for $5, you could offer to autograph a digital art piece, or you could offer a digital print of your latest artwork for $5 on Gigbucks.

3.  Charge By The Minute For Professional Services

If you are a high paid professional like a lawyer, doctor, financial adviser or consultant of any kind, why not charge for your services by the minute and list them on Gigbucks?  If you normally charge $300 per hour, you can earn the same fee by charging $5 per minute.  Some people really only have one question they want feedback on that might only take one minute of your time, but they don’t want to (or can’t afford to) pay for a whole hour.  With tools like Skype and Google Hangouts, it is easy to talk to anyone in the world for free, so there is no cost to deliver your services and you will still earn your full hourly rate!

As another example, if a professional photographer charges $60 per hour for his services so he doesn’t list his services on Gigbucks.  But then he realizes that it only takes him 5 – 10 minutes to retouch a photo in Photoshop (a task that might take a newbie hours to complete).  So… he offers to re-touch photos on Gigbucks for $5, knowing he can complete 6 – 12 orders in one hour and add some extra income at his professional rate.

4.  Use Gigbucks As A Tool To Gain Future Clients At Higher Prices

Rather than spending a bunch of money on advertising in hopes of bringing in new clients, why not prove the value of your service by offering to provide a sample of your services for just $5 on Gigbucks?  In business we call this a “loss leader”.  For example, supermarkets will often sell one item at below their cost, just to get new customers in the door and hoping they will become permanent customers later and make more profitable purchases in the future.  This same strategy can be applied to any business and Gigbucks gives you a platform to get started.  One of the best ways to gain new clients is to prove your value to them in some small way before expecting them to invest larger amounts of money.

5.  Promote Your Gig On Social Media Websites

This one is a no-brainer.  Once you’ve created your Gig Listing on Gigbucks for free, why not send it out to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts?  This can be a great way to keep in touch with your followers and earn extra income at the same time.

6.  Turn Your Passion Or Hobby Into Extra Income

If you are already involved in some sort of hobby or passion, why not earn some extra money by turning it into an offer on Gigbucks?  Like knitting scarves?  Offer your service on Gigbucks.  Like fixing motorbikes?  Offer to answer any question about fixing motorbikes for $5.  Enjoy designing logos?  You can offer to create logos on Gigbucks.

7.  Create An Explainer Video

Gigbucks enables you to include a YouTube video in your Gig Listing.  Making a video that explains what you are able to do for your clients is an effective way to catch people’s attention and show the real you behind all of the text and pictures.  People generally respond more to a video with a real person than words on a screen, and it can make your Gig Listing stand out.

8.  Turn Your Service Into A Product

A big challenge for most small businesses or freelance professionals is the time it takes to deal with a new client.  First, you have to respond to their inquiry, then, assuming they reply, you have to meet with them (or chat on the phone) to understand their needs, next you have to try to figure out how long it will take you to perform the service you are offering and provide a quote, then and only then, will the client say yes or no, or in many cases, simply not respond!  While these steps are necessary to build a business, it can often feel like a waste of time!

With Gigbucks you can turn your service into a product.  This means you can start by telling the marketplace what you are willing to do for $5, $10, or $50 and let the client decide if they want your service or not, and if so, they can purchase your service on the spot.  In this way, you don’t have to spend time working with the client before you get paid, with Gigbucks you get paid first and deliver the work second (although there is a holding period of 14 days to ensure your buyer is satisfied with your work).

9.  Hire Cheap Services On Gigbucks!

If you don’t have time to do any of the above to promote your business, you can probably find someone on Gigbucks who can do it for you at a low cost!  You can hire out video production, translation services, logo design, social media marketing, article/blog writing, and all kinds of other services to promote your business right here on Gigbucks.

10.  Join A Community To Network, Share Ideas, Refer Clients and More

Here at Gigbucks we are working on creating a community environment for our users that will help you connect with each other, bounce ideas around, share resources, and just have fun!  We believe the power of a community is greater than the sum of its participants.

What do you think?  What creative ideas can you think of that could help our members make money using Gigbucks?

Please leave your comments below….

Make Money From Home using Gigbucks

make money from home

Earn money at home on Gigbucks

Are you looking for ways to make money from home?  Do you rack your brain wondering how to make money at home? There is a legitimate work from home job out there, but many jobs require you have a set schedule, which often defeats the purpose of wanting to work from your own home (and especially if you are just looking for a little extra pocket cash now and then).  There are websites such as Etsy, where you can sells the wares you handcraft.  The competition is fierce, however, and you really have to find an item that stands out above the rest.  The site eBay is another option that allows you to work when you want to, but then you must have a lot of storage space and be organized so you can keep on top of what ships when and to whom.  The eBay site also takes a rather big chunk of your profits for fees, which means either you mark the item up or lose money.

Make Money at Home Working Online

Making money online from home seems like a dream business for most people, but it can be your reality!  If you are looking for something “new” where you can make extra pocket cash but still have your freedom then you may want to consider looking into our site.  What exactly do you sell on Gigbucks?  Practically anything you want!

earn money at home

Gigbucks allows you to make money from home

Writing, advice, graphics, and advertising can all be offered on the website.  It doesn’t stop there!  You can sell your nana’s secret recipes, your killer fitness tips, or your drawings!  Be creative, make a listing and see what sells!  You can also sell more “serious” services in order to make money at home on our Gigbucks website.  You can offer business services, such as resume writing or help with social marketing.  Whatever skill or idea you have or can come up with, you can sell it on Gigbucks!

Making Money From Home Actually Works

making money at home

Spend more time with your family while making money at home

So just how does it all work?  People start online by signing up for an account on Gigbucks website.  You’ll need a valid email address in order to sign up with so you can earn money at home.  From there you can decide what services and jobs you have to offer.  Nothing illegal is allowed on the website, of course, so no trying to sell your kidneys!  You choose a fixed price for your service ranging from 5 dollars to 50 dollars and write out a description for what you have to offer.
All postings for gigs are free, so put up as many different offers as you want!  However, don’t post repeats of the same offer, as they will just be deleted.  Buyers also must register through Gigbucks and all transactions must be done on our website.  All earnings are paid out through Paypal or Alert Pay, so you will need an account for those if you don’t have them already, but they are also free to sign up for.

Earn money at home while sitting on the internet, has never been this easy.  Everyone has skills that they could be cashing in on, and Gigbucks is the perfect market to get started.  The more creative and unique the ideas, the more likely you are to
make money.  Brainstorming new ideas really is the only hard part of this gig, and it is usually lots of fun anyway!  Set a fair price on what you have to offer and you are sure to start making sales.  Work at home without the hassles of being tied down.  Start making extra income today with our help and enjoy your life!  Home based work really is the easiest way to earn money.

Unusual and Quirky Micro Jobs Are Available Online!

Are you a freelancer looking for extra work?  Do you want the ability to work from home and make  more money? Then maybe you should consider finding micro jobs online.  These are jobs that are relatively small in size and scope, as opposed to long term contracts, which may be used by clients and marketing firms.  However, micro jobs are very short assignments, a sort of virtual temp job, usually only lasting a day.  You can find jobs by category, and there are plenty of them and as you might suspect buyers have the oddest of requests.  Some of the stuff on sites like our is quite unusual and sometimes very funny.

Online Jobs from the Professional to the Bizarre

micro gigs

Doing micro jobs on Gigbucks can make you lots of money.

For the most part, you will find professional and mundane micro jobs online.  Common requests might include backlinking, writing articles,  or a blog entry, build a website, HTML or CMS writing, social media help, mailing lists, creating email lists and marketing assistance.  Since the jobs pay between $5 and $50 at these sites (such as at our own, the terms are usually flexible and the return dates are usually very fast.  Some micro jobs are actually not online at all, but could consist of handing out fliers in a large city or other physical tasks.

Then again, you might also find some unique and interesting micro jobs.  What are some of the most interesting tasks we’ve ever seen recorded at Gigbucks?  How about silly tasks like sending a stranger a lock of your hair for $20?  Or buying a used pair of socks (from a cute girl) for $10?  Some jobs do involve writing work but may include strange subject matter, or may involve talking to a stranger or handing out complements for $5.

Jobs Online All in the Name of Free Enterprise

jobs online

Be as creative as you can when posting your online jobs

Some freelance artists might offer micro jobs of cheap cartoon caricatures, whereas others (not necessarily professionals) will offer to be your Facebook friend or crank calling.  Some gigs are beyond professional and border on personal favors.  How about the women who offer to write custom messages across their cleavage or offer personal “sexy” recordings?

There are also custom prayer services, Reiki energy services and tarot card reading.  There are plenty of people offering and looking for advice, whether the subject matter is college dissertation help, lover’s tips, exercise and weight training or even beginning lessons on learning a new language.  Some job seekers even offer hacking services and song recording/writing services.  There is always plenty of “temp” work to find when you surf online jobs.

You Can Find Micro Jobs Too and Make More Money!

online jobs

Earn money performing online jobs on Gigbucks

And this one’s hard to top-send this guy five bucks and he’ll hit his head on a wooden desk and video tape it for your viewing enjoyment.  Now we’re not suggesting you should rip this guy off and offer your own head bashing services for a job online.  However, we do hope that sharing some of the more bizarre jobs online at will motivate you to come browse the site and look for jobs and gigs that fit your talent, personality and schedule all while being able to work from home.

Forget the days of sending a resume, this is the new trend of a career for 2012.  If you are looking for an online job on your terms, then Gigbucks website has great opportunities to meet new clients and make more money online.  Come sign up and join Gigcbucks today!

You Can Make Money Online Doing Odd “Virtual” Jobs

make money online

Need Cash? Everybody can make money on Gigbucks!

You probably know that you can make money doing all sorts of odd jobs around town.  However, did you know that you could make money doing odd “virtual jobs” as well?  We’re not talking highly competitive auction sites, but with listing sites like Gigbucks.  Our website allows writers, virtual assistants, marketing experts and other jack-of-all-traders to make extra cash on slow days.

Jobs You Might Find When You Make Money Online

What are the types of jobs that you might find from an online listing site?  Many of the jobs you will find at such a site don’t involve actual products but include writing an article or blogging, link creating, web researching and other office type tasks.  What are some of the jobs you might encounter on any given day?  You might find offers like creating mailing lists, making scripts, getting facebook likes, twitter followers,  or perhaps various marketing opportunities.  There really are no limits on what type of odd jobs can be posted, provided the ads are in good taste.  Many individuals have found part time freelancing work by keeping an eye on these free listing sites.

how to make money online

Start offering your services on Gigbucks and watch the money come in!

How to make money online

Make money online is all a matter of timing and communication, not necessarily credentials.  After all, there are people online willing to pay you via PayPal just to do some rather mundane tasks.  And while many of these opportunities involve virtual commuting, there are actually ways to make money online and get paid by doing other types of tasks, such as translating, offering advice, giving customized education, recording video or audio content and the like.

What You Need to Earn Money Online

These internet listing sites that offer a way to make easy income online are usually limited to selling $5 to $50 jobs, as they are not considered professional auction sites with long-term contracts and guarantees, and such.  Rather, these listing sites keep things simple so that people can pay quickly and receive services quickly.  What a great business model!

make easy money online

Online jobs are booming and on Gigbucks posting your offer is free!

If you are looking how to make money online in the off-season, in slow days, or even during an unemployment stint, then think about working these sites like our own  When actually go online and look at these sites, you will realize that making this was is easy!!  All you need are spelling and grammar skills, an online account for easy payment and the time to complete a user request.  It is important to communicate your qualifications and your willingness to complete the task to the seller.  If you don’t seem trustworthy, no one is going to pay you!  Inspire confidence by writing intelligently and professionally.

How to Make Money Online

You can use a site like our and either post what you are willing to do for a set price, or look through the suggested gigs and see what people are actually offering.  This does bring you the best of both worlds.  Why, some people have even worked together while communicating from two different continents!  This is a great opportunity to keep in mind if you’re strapped for cash or have a friend that needs to make money.

You now have all the information you need, why not give it a try for 2012?  You could make money on the internet, from the comfort of your own home as soon as tonight or tomorrow!

Freelancers Make Money Online

Are you a writer by hobby?  Or do you enjoy graphic design or web design? Do you dream of getting paid online and working at home instead of continuing the daily grind?  Indeed, there are plenty of perks that come from working at home.  You can set your own schedule, spend more time with your family, and yes, even wear your pajamas to the “office.”  It sounds sort of glamorous, doesn’t it?

The Life of a Freelancer

freelance jobs

Freelance jobs are abundant on Gigbucks!

And yet, it’s not as easy as it seems.  For one thing, you must understand that as freelancers you are self-employed.  And with the luxury of self-employment comes the hard fact that no one is looking out for you.  That means you have to constantly be on the lookout for new jobs.  The good news is that in a world of nearly seven billion people, there are always people on the lookout for writing or web design help, making freelance projects abundant!  The Internet is a world all about content including writing and design, though video and audio content is becoming just as important.

Nevertheless, freelancers have to be aggressive in finding new business.  Some freelancers consult auction sites, whereas others contact clients directly.  Here’s another option: free gig websites, such as Craigslist or our own  Free sites offer small services, usually individual assignments.  With our own, depending on the complexity of the assignment, the pay can be anywhere from $5 to $50.

Versatility in Freelance Opportunities


Earn extra income with freelance jobs on Gigbucks!

Of course, today’s freelancers realizes the importance of being versatile.  Sometimes on these small task sites, people want SEO work done, or want to create links, articles, translation writers, increase Facebook friends, Twitter Followers, data entry, logo designers and so on.  Sometimes they may even want some very complex work done, such as programming, template design project, create HTML pages / website development, or other technical contracts.  A freelancer makes it a point to be versatile so that he or she can apply for practically any job out there.

What else should you know about freelance gigs online?  It is very smart to pace yourself and create a schedule that optimizes your time and efficiency.  Obviously, client satisfaction is paramount, so an honorable freelancer would never write or create shoddy, low quality work, or miss important deadlines.

Scheduling Freelance Projects in 2012

There are many freelance jobs offered in a given day, so be sure not to overbook yourself.  In other words, don’t accept a dozen gigs you can’t possibly finish!  Set a schedule of work and then proceed from there.  If you have the endurance, the patience and the motivation to find those jobs, rest assured, they are out there.


Freelancing can be done full or part time

And one of the best ways to find them is with freelance sites like our own  Listing sites allow you to post an assignment idea and your suggested pay, or the opportunity to interact with people posting job descriptions.  These are short-term jobs, that is true, and this is the part about freelancing that is hard for many to take.  You must be aggressive in looking for these jobs rather than depending on someone to find them for you.

However, it is now easier than ever starting 2012 for a quality freelancer to make money online.

Exciting new features to make you more money

Gigbucks has been in the news a lot lately and we’re just getting started!

We have just released 3 very exciting new features that will help boost your sales and gain your customer’s trust: 

    Many of you have asked for this feature and we have listened. Using a simple java script code, you can display your Gigbucks gigs on your websites and blogs! You can adjust the the number of gigs to show, the font colors and width of the snipplet and the best part is that Googlebot can read our java script and index your gigs!Get your code by clicking this link:
  2. Sample of embedded gigs:

    All sellers have the option to verify their identity which requires your personal contact information as well as uploading a copy of your passport or ID card along with a recent utility bill. The verification process is completely free for all sellers and as soon as your identity is verified, your account will be upgraded to “Verified Account” status and display a badge so everybody can quickly see that you are a trusted and verified seller. You identity will never been disclosed to anyone!Verify your account by clicking this link:

    If you’re selling digital goods like ebooks, software or anything else that can be instantly delivered, then this is for you! You can add a file to your gig wich will be instantly delivered when someone orders your gig. No more waiting customers means happier customers and more business for you! Instant downloads can be added to existing gigs as well so go ahead and change your existing gigs as well!

There will be more cool stuff from Gigbucks very soon! If you have any questions please email or open a support ticket at