Vision For Gigbucks 2.0

Here is a summary of our vision for Gigbucks 2.0. What do you think?


At Gigbucks, we want to help millions of people around the world earn income, and earn that income from anywhere they want.

Since our members offer services that can be delivered with any Internet connection, successful members can work from home, from a beach, from a coffee shop, or from a mountain top. This is a new form of freedom available in the modern age and we want to help our members achieve it.

What Is Gigbucks 2.0?

Gigbucks 2.0 refers to the next generation of, which is a global marketplace for freelancers and micro jobs. Here are some of the ideas we are working towards:

  • Lower Fees – Currently keeps 20% of every transaction that occurs on our platform. We want to lower this amount, and eventually bring it to zero – yes zero! We will have more details on this plan in the near future.
  • Member Rewards Program – We have some exciting ideas to implement a rewards program that will reward our members based on their contribution to our marketplace and our community.
  • Improved Marketing and Public Relations – We plan to improve the image of Gigbucks to attract the highest quality buyers and sellers from all over the world. This will be achieved through social marketing efforts and traditional marketing (news outlets, sponsorships, etc). We believe if we all work together on marketing we can all be part of each other’s success.
  • Fraud and Spam Elimination – We want to eliminate “bad actors” from our system. Gigbucks 2.0 will prevent fraud and spam by design. is not a marketplace for illegal activity.
  • Open Messaging – Tired of restrictions on your ability to communicate with your buyer and seller? So are we! We want to enable open messaging so our buyers and sellers can communicate more effectively.
  • Improved Ratings System – We want the highest quality members of Gigbucks to stand out and be recognized. We need an improved ratings system for both buyers and sellers.
  • Refined Categories and Sub-Categories – We believe the current list of categories can be improved and refined, especially through the use of sub-categories.
  • Global Expansion – Eventually we want Gigbucks to be available in additional languages to make the community even more internationally inclusive.

Feel free to add comments, questions or suggestions.  Watch this forum for more updates and see how you can get involved in the Gigbucks 2.0 project.

Gigbucks Review: Gigbucks Not A Scam According To 2,268 New Members

Gigbucks is not a scam according to 2,268 new members in the month of August 2014. Here is a review of activity on Gigbucks:

“Out of over 2,000 new members in August, we have zero unsatisfied customers”.

“After 1000 transactions last month, less than 1% raised a dispute and all of them either got their money back or their orders were eventually completed successfully”.

“We are working hard at keeping our buyers and sellers satisfied – we only earn a commission if an order is placed and successfully delivered, so our interests are completely aligned with our users.”

“Our goal is to continue to attract more buyers who are looking for small jobs that can be completed quickly, while at the same time, helping freelancers generate income to support themselves and their families.”

“Our service provides an on-ramp for many new business professionals, freelancers, business builders, and creative types. While I admit $5 is a small amount, sometimes you can be surprised at what you can achieve. New business relationships have to start small.”

“We are getting ready to implement a brand new version of Gigbucks that will completely revolutionize the way micro jobs and services are bought and sold in the world. We encourage anyone who is interested in the future of commerce to join our site for free and stay in touch with us to see how our new project materializes. You’ll be shocked at what we can do when we all work as a team.”

10 Ways To Grow Your Business With Gigbucks

Five bucks may seem like a small amount of money, but there are many cool new ways to grow your business using Gigbucks!

Hopefully some of these strategies will give you some good ideas to help you grow your business with Gigbucks….

1.  Get Testimonials To Help Build Your Client Base

We all have to start somewhere.  Sometimes when you are trying to start out in a new business or profession, it can be difficult to build your business because you don’t have any testimonials or examples of satisfied customers.  One way to achieve testimonials is to start by offering a unique but small service for just $5 on Gigbucks.  This can be a great way to generate new customers and testimonials without the buyer taking a lot of risk to test your relatively new history.

2.  Sell E-Books, Songs, Art, or Other Bite Sized Digital Products

Five bucks might seem like a small amount of money, but many things like songs, books, and art can sell for only .99 cents (on Itunes or Amazon).  Why not offer the same song, book, or art piece with an added bonus for $5 on Gigbucks?  Instead of one song for .99 cents, you could offer 8 songs for $5, you could offer to autograph a digital art piece, or you could offer a digital print of your latest artwork for $5 on Gigbucks.

3.  Charge By The Minute For Professional Services

If you are a high paid professional like a lawyer, doctor, financial adviser or consultant of any kind, why not charge for your services by the minute and list them on Gigbucks?  If you normally charge $300 per hour, you can earn the same fee by charging $5 per minute.  Some people really only have one question they want feedback on that might only take one minute of your time, but they don’t want to (or can’t afford to) pay for a whole hour.  With tools like Skype and Google Hangouts, it is easy to talk to anyone in the world for free, so there is no cost to deliver your services and you will still earn your full hourly rate!

As another example, if a professional photographer charges $60 per hour for his services so he doesn’t list his services on Gigbucks.  But then he realizes that it only takes him 5 – 10 minutes to retouch a photo in Photoshop (a task that might take a newbie hours to complete).  So… he offers to re-touch photos on Gigbucks for $5, knowing he can complete 6 – 12 orders in one hour and add some extra income at his professional rate.

4.  Use Gigbucks As A Tool To Gain Future Clients At Higher Prices

Rather than spending a bunch of money on advertising in hopes of bringing in new clients, why not prove the value of your service by offering to provide a sample of your services for just $5 on Gigbucks?  In business we call this a “loss leader”.  For example, supermarkets will often sell one item at below their cost, just to get new customers in the door and hoping they will become permanent customers later and make more profitable purchases in the future.  This same strategy can be applied to any business and Gigbucks gives you a platform to get started.  One of the best ways to gain new clients is to prove your value to them in some small way before expecting them to invest larger amounts of money.

5.  Promote Your Gig On Social Media Websites

This one is a no-brainer.  Once you’ve created your Gig Listing on Gigbucks for free, why not send it out to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts?  This can be a great way to keep in touch with your followers and earn extra income at the same time.

6.  Turn Your Passion Or Hobby Into Extra Income

If you are already involved in some sort of hobby or passion, why not earn some extra money by turning it into an offer on Gigbucks?  Like knitting scarves?  Offer your service on Gigbucks.  Like fixing motorbikes?  Offer to answer any question about fixing motorbikes for $5.  Enjoy designing logos?  You can offer to create logos on Gigbucks.

7.  Create An Explainer Video

Gigbucks enables you to include a YouTube video in your Gig Listing.  Making a video that explains what you are able to do for your clients is an effective way to catch people’s attention and show the real you behind all of the text and pictures.  People generally respond more to a video with a real person than words on a screen, and it can make your Gig Listing stand out.

8.  Turn Your Service Into A Product

A big challenge for most small businesses or freelance professionals is the time it takes to deal with a new client.  First, you have to respond to their inquiry, then, assuming they reply, you have to meet with them (or chat on the phone) to understand their needs, next you have to try to figure out how long it will take you to perform the service you are offering and provide a quote, then and only then, will the client say yes or no, or in many cases, simply not respond!  While these steps are necessary to build a business, it can often feel like a waste of time!

With Gigbucks you can turn your service into a product.  This means you can start by telling the marketplace what you are willing to do for $5, $10, or $50 and let the client decide if they want your service or not, and if so, they can purchase your service on the spot.  In this way, you don’t have to spend time working with the client before you get paid, with Gigbucks you get paid first and deliver the work second (although there is a holding period of 14 days to ensure your buyer is satisfied with your work).

9.  Hire Cheap Services On Gigbucks!

If you don’t have time to do any of the above to promote your business, you can probably find someone on Gigbucks who can do it for you at a low cost!  You can hire out video production, translation services, logo design, social media marketing, article/blog writing, and all kinds of other services to promote your business right here on Gigbucks.

10.  Join A Community To Network, Share Ideas, Refer Clients and More

Here at Gigbucks we are working on creating a community environment for our users that will help you connect with each other, bounce ideas around, share resources, and just have fun!  We believe the power of a community is greater than the sum of its participants.

What do you think?  What creative ideas can you think of that could help our members make money using Gigbucks?

Please leave your comments below….

Buy top quality website content cheap

When your looking for quality writers for your blog or your website, there is only one great place to go and that is Gigbucks! This micro gig site is full of awesome freelancers to use for your writing needs

The freelance writers will request to get paid anywhere between $5 and $50 for each respective project that the writer completes. Consumers who are looking to build a website may need a writer because there’s too much to write in a short period of time. The writer would be able to help you with a blog or website content. The writer will be able to approrpriately write an article for you. You don’t want to have to look around for a quality writer.

You should look no further than Gigbucks because they will be able to help you with finding a quality writer. Each writer gets rated on the site, so you can see what other authors thought about the work that they got from the writer. You can get quality writers from the site. Consumers will be able to find someone quickly on the website. Gigbucks has a wide range of jobs that you can choose among. It’s a good place to launch a career as a quality writer or different stay-at-home job.

Many writers enjoy working for Gigbucks because its work that can be done from the privacy of your own home. In addition, as long as the work is completed by the deadline, the writer can do the project when it’s convenient for the writer’s schedule. No two weeks have to look the same, so you could work one Friday but not the next Friday. You could complete the project at 2 p.m or 2 a.m. When you work for Gigbucks, you have a lot of flexibility with your life. Gigbucks can help you find a stay-at-home job that fits your needs!

Yet another nice aspect of the job is that you can work from any location that you get internet service. If you go on vacation, you can get your work done from that loction. If you go to a coffee shop with internet service, you can get your work done. You no longer have to work a 9am to 5pm job when you work for Gigbucks. You will have more time to spend with your family because you get to choose the hours that your working. These are just some of the benefits of working from home with Gigbucks! Good luck finding a quality writer on our site!

How to find quality logo designers cheap

When your looking for someone to design a logo for your company, you should use our website. You will find quality logo designers on site, and the cost will not be all that expensive. The designer will request how much he/she will do the job for, so you get to control the cost of the project on our site. The designer can ask for any amount between $5 and $50 as payment for the logo design.

A first-time customer is going to decide if she/he likes the website when he/she sees the logo. As you are well-aware, the logo is an important part of your business. This is the reason that you should make sure your logo is good. At our company, we will make sure you get quality designers. There are thousands of freelancers that are ready to take the job on our site, so you are bound to find that you like.

When you build your logo, you have to make it’s unique and orginal. The more it has these qualities, the more likely it is that it will help your business. You will need something simple for your logo, and the professionals who work for our company know this. If there is too much going on in the logo, the customer will get jumbled up. The eye doesn’t know where to go first. The professionals at our company will make a simple design for you.

In addition, it’s important that you let clients know what you do in one line. The slogan has to catch the attention of the audience, so they want to know more about the company. You always need to have your logo looking timeless because you don’t want it to look cool today but not look good tomorrow. These are just some of the things that you want to consider when you design your logo.

Many employees enjoy working for Gigbucks because they can complete the project at their own pace as long as it’s done before the deadline. In addition, the employees can take projects when it’s convenient from them. No two work weeks have to look the same. The job can completed from the person’s home; it doesn’t get much better than. When your looking to get a quality yet affordable logo design, you should go with our company, Gigbucks. There are many satisfied customers of our company!

How to build a brand using micro jobs

Many are intersted in getting their brand out and recognized by other people. One of the best ways to go this is by utilizing Gigbucks. Now when coming up with a brand name and the road to take there are many things you need to keep in mind when doing this.

The first thing you need have to look at is the linking of the name and the building. You need to find ways to encoporate your brand and linking it with ways and avenue in order to get it out.

The second thing you need to keep in mind is the video. Now if you have your own site you can use your site in order to upload it and get the name out. some actually prefer to use their own site for uploading the video. it gives them more creative control and they don;t have to adhere to any rules or domination that other sites occupy. if you don’t have your own site and don’t have the money, you could use another vialbe option. There is youtube. You tube is a cheap and inexepnsive way to get your band name across to very wide audience,more than what you might have had with your won site. This option might be preferable if your own site doesn’t get as many hits and not many have knowledge of your own individual site.

The next thing you need are testimonials, personal testimonials are preferable. Linking testimonials to your own brand name, actual people that have used the brand, is a good way to send word of mouth. Word ouf mouth is sometimes a better option and youmihg reach a wider audience that way. It may take some more time doing it this way, but word of mouth is a road that many business and individuals use in order to get their brand out.

The final steps are finding the right social medias to exercize the brand and finding the right provders. Firstly you should choose media sources such as twitteer and facebook in order to broadcast your brand. Twitter and facebook reach a very wide audience and if you post your band name on your own page you can reach every single person that has access to your page.

The steps in finding the right provider are simple. Do the research and investigate the score of your provider. You want and need someone who has a very scor and very high success rate. You also want someone who will follow and fulfull your instructions the way you want them to be followed. Don;t rely on someone who will dictate how it will and should be done. this is your brand name so make it your own and make sure that ti comes out as your own.

How to get 1000’s of facebook likes

Boosting your presence on social media sites such as Facebook can be the ultimate way to promote your business or your own page online. There are many cool features on Facebook for companies and individuals to gain a large presence. Having a particularly large amount of Facebook likes can be one of the greatest ways to get your page known to the public. Facebook likes can come a few difference sources but the more the better, for getting your page seen. This is optimal for anyone looking to increase Facebook likes.

Buying Facebook likes is a wonderful way to get a huge base of likes. When buying Facebook likes through people there are many speculations which should be thought about before purchasing. When seeking a company to take your money and get you the likes you want you should be wary.

Taking on Facebook likes you should know that the likes should only come from real Facebook accounts. Many people out there will attempt to sell likes from ghost Facebook accounts. You will not know this going in so, you want to be sure the company is credible. Having real Facebook likes opposed to ghost accounts will boost presence on the site, having them from ghost accounts it has been known to happen; Facebook will flag your account. This could result in taking your page completely off of the site. This could mean you would have to begin all over again, which would not benefit you in anyway. It takes time to do that.

Second, ensuring that the company you hire for your likes has an efficient way to make payments, such as Paypal or other sources of credible payments. When you have a non credible payment source it is possible you could send payment and not receive the service which was promised. This is a very scary thing to think about.

Your Facebook should have tons of likes and have the chance to not worry about the company in which you choose to assist you in this. is here to the rescue. When you enter you have the opportunity to gain all the Facebook likes you want and not have to worry about the seller you choose. Everyone listed as a seller on is credible and will be there to help with the service. You will also have the chance to have the correct payment forum. Using for getting more than 1000’s of likes on Facebook is an easy and efficient way to promote. offers an incredible source of amazing sellers who will give you exactly what they say they will. Having trust in the person you hire will only decrease stress and have a greater result. is the best way to ensure your Facebook likes, which you buy, will be secure and reliable.

Get More Pinterest Followers Quick & Easy

Pinterest is the rage in social media sites. The site has over 10 million members at this point and is newer than some of the social media giants. The amazing thing is that Pinterest gets more referrals to your personal website than Google+, LinkedIn, and Youtube combined. Just think of all the traffic you can generate using Pinterest, assuming you know how to use the site to its full potential.

Pinterest is like other social media sites in that it is based on popularity. People who use Pinterest follow pins, or posts, that are popular and that other people are reposting, or in Pinterest terms “repinning”. The way Pinterest works is that people find a pin that they find interesting and click a button below the image that repins the post for their followers to see. The more followers a person has on Pinterest means that more people will be able to see what they pin.

Remember, popularity is the key to social media sites like Pinterest. The more followers or friends a member has, the more popular they are. The most popular members have the power to drive enormous amounts of traffic to their site, and we all know that the more traffic a website gets, the more status is gained in search engine results.

Pinterest can be used as a valuable tool for generating massive amounts of traffic to your site. Under each pin you post, you are allowed to enter the URL to your website. Each time someone repins your original post, your URL is being repinned along with it, giving your website maximum exposure. Your URL will show up on other members boards, directing traffic to your site. It is a great tool for monetizing your website through exposure.

The only catch is that you need the popularity gained from massive amounts of followers in order to get the maximum amount of traffic to your site. The more followers you have following and reposting your pins on Pinterest, the more of an advantage you have broadcasting your URL and driving traffic to your site. This is where Gigbucks can help.

Gigbucks knows the ins and outs of Pinterest and how it operates and can help generate more traffic to your site by helping you gain popularity on Pinterest. Gigbucks can get you more followers on Pinterest, which is what you need in order to gain popularity. You can pay for more followers at Gigbucks and gain maximum exposure for your URL. It is as simple as signing up for both a Pinterest account and hiring Gigbucks to do the work.

You may wonder how people get such a huge following at social media sites like Pinterest. The secret to gaining popularity is using a company like Gigbucks to generate more followers for you automatically for a small fee. The most popular members of sites like Pinterest usually pay for followers. This little known secret is what is separating them from the rest. Most people don’t know about sites that help boost traffic by paying for followers.

Pinterest is the hottest new social media site and shouldn’t be ignored in your marketing efforts to gain traffic. Pinterest is just as important as any other social media site in that it creates a social presence for you and your site on the internet. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to drive thousands of visitors to your site by ignoring the value of Pinterest as a social media giant. Right now Pinterest has over 10 million subscribers and that number is still growing exponentially.

In order for your site to gain status and rank on major search engines, Pinterest is a must. Just think of all the traffic you are missing out on if you don’t have a following at Pinterest. Getting more followers is the key to success and the experts at Gigbucks know how to get your website the exposure it deserves by allowing you to buy followers and get them to repin your URL all over the Pinterest network.

If you have ever joined a social media site like Pinterest, then you know that building network of followers is time-consuming and doesn’t happen overnight. There is a lot of work involved in gaining a massive number of followers. Gigbucks saves you this time and effort by building the number of followers for you. Basically, you pay a small fee and Gigbucks does all the work.

Using Gigbucks to gain followers is faster and gives you a jumpstart on your social media presence. What would normally take months or even years to accomplish can be accomplished overnight with Gigbucks. Paying for followers is definitely worth the money invested due to the instant traffic being generated to your site. Why go through all the painstaking tasks of finding followers yourself when you can pay a small price and have a reliable company do the work for you?

The sooner you get a large number of followers on Pinterest, the sooner you can start generating an income from web traffic. You will instantly begin gaining rank on search engines and pretty soon you will have a high volume of traffic visiting your site each day. When it comes to getting high volume traffic, there is no better way to speed up the process than paying for followers through Gigbucks.

A large number of Pinterest followers is going to help boost traffic to your site and get your page shown on search engine results. The fee for Pinterest followers is so minimal at Gigbucks that almost anyone can afford it, and the outcome is definitely worth it.

How to get more followers on Twitter

Many people aspire to gain more followers on Twitter. Why? You could say that it’s due to individulas seeking attention on daily random updates or other perosnal reasons. You tweet updates, and people actually read what you have to say. Infact, the more followers you have on Twitter the more people are likely to listen to you. How does this happen exactly? Well there’s a little something called Gigbucks

Have you ever been to a Twitter user’s page and thought, “Wow! They have a lot followers!”, Or “How did they get so many of them?” Usually the abundant follower user will brag about this sort of thing saying how they’re so poppular and they have tons of friends. That’s not completely how it works. Things like that don’t just happen overnight unless you’re really just that lucky. They tell you how they do it when really they’re not speaking the real deal at all. Before I get into how this really happens lets talk about what some people say is a good way to earn followers. A way that most don’t really try themselves.

Here are some of those steps. First make sure that your profile has been completed and your biography is filled in, and don’t forget to add a profile pic so people don’t feel strage following a “noface”. Second if you have an account then use your account. Get busy and do some tweeting. If you’re not active then one may be on the verge of unfollowing you. Follow people who would be interested in what you yourself are interested in. If you just choose the ones that don’t share the same interest chances are, they’re not going to want to look you up or follow you back. Hashtags! Always use hashtags! How else will people find you? It’s practically the best way out of all of them. For example, say you white a post about cool outfits and apples. Weird combo example right? You would put hastag apple or hashtag outfit, hashtag cool, hashtag person, hashtag style, hashtag fruit etc. (# = hashtag) Then more people are likely to see your tweets. You could also search for tweets that you like. It also opens you up to more follower possibilities. So always tweet, always do hashtags, upload your pic and don’t forget to fill in that bio!

Now lets pause for a moment. Does this work? From experience I believe so. It may not have the exact effect you want, but it’s progress. Now if you’re tired of all the hard work and it’s not really adding up to your expectations then theres another way that is fast and effective. Guess what? Did you know that you can buy your followers? You must be thinking “What? No way.” Way my freinds… Way. Gigbucks gives you twentyfive thousand twitter followers in less than twentyfour hours. These profiles look real and have the best quality! All of your followers will have profile pics and backgrounds. All just for a couple of bucks. They don’t need your account password so there is no need to fear. It’s quick and easy and you could have all the followers you could ask for. Finally you can express yourself with thousands ready to see what you have to say. Lets not forget how good it looks on your rep. Everyone would be dieing to know your secret. Well you can just tell them “Gigbucks!”. Haha right. Not many admit the secret to this success. That’s fine and as long as your content and looking good with a ton of followers then that’s all that matters. It’s your chance to be the “poppular one”.

More info on Gigbucks you might want to know. Gigbucks was established in june 2010 and they are growing stronger by the day. They are known to be the first true competition to the site which is also known to be pretty poppular. Gigbucks gives 14 days of email support for questions on how the site works and functions. They contact sellers and buyers all over the world to offer them affordable services. Currently their client base is one thousand register members. (Impressive) Gigbucks is currently set on making eighteen percent commission on all sales. Their add server is capable of showing over thirty ads. The adds can be seen as banners, google adsense ads, and paid advertising space. They ranked somewhere around twentyfive thousand in the United States and fifty thousand in Alexa.

That’s just a bit more insight. So if you want more follows and only trust professionalized companies, organizations, etc., you’re tired of trying to find a good way to earn followers on Twitter then go with Gigbucks. It’s fast and easy and you barely have to make an effort. Just contact them and you’re good to go.

Start Making Money Online & Build your Internet Business Free!

Do you have a dream of creating your own online business? Many people, including stay at home mothers, earn a great living by running their own Internet business. Social websites are no longer used for only social networking. Information websites like Gigbucks have now become a source of income for many online users. Gigbucks will work for you whether you have a full time job and want to earn an additional income, or you are unemployed at the moment and need to generate some revenue to help pay the bills. If you are a mother, you can earn extra money. Wouldn’t it be great if you could continue your stay at home mom duties and make money from home at the same time? If you are a stay at home mom who is looking for the perfect opportunity to build an Internet business from home, Gigbucks will give you the opportunity that you need.

We are all taught when we are kids that the way to make money is to go out and get a job. This is the farthest from the truth! If you have a great idea for a home business, the Internet has made it possible for you to get paid for your great ideas. Although jobs are great for those who have a schedule that permits it, it is not the only way to make money. You can start making money online and build your Internet business free by using Gigbucks! You can even build your business income to a point where you are making more money than you ever would with a regular job. Doing this takes real dedication and business planning, but you must know that there are many people who earn a very nice income by working from home.

Gigbucks makes it possible for you to find the people that need your product or service. It is as simple as posting your gigs and getting paid. After posting your services on the site, customers will come to you. If you can help someone else advertise their product or service, you will have a large audience that is willing to pay you for this. If you offer graphic, music or audio services, you can build your client list with Gigbucks. Translation services, programming, freelance writing, video services or any other thing you can think of can be sold.

Gigbucks is not one of those get rich quick web scams that you may have come across before. Although some of those opportunities are legit, scams are much too common, and you will want to protect yourself. You will always want to make sure that the website you are dealing with is a reputable business. Gigbucks is set up to prove to you that they are a reputable site. The website is very user friendly and has support should it ever be needed.

When you have a talent, you will have to sell it to clients. You will have to convince them that you can do a great job for them. They can go many places for the kind of service you are offering. Why should they choose you? If you have already built your online business, you will want to offer them your portfolio to look over. This will show them that you are serious about your work and that you will satisfy their needs.

What about new online businesses that don’t have a portfolio and have never had any clients? New businesses have just as much of a chance of gaining new clients as an existing businesses. This is what makes Gigbucks great for new Internet businesses. The site makes it real easy for you to build a portfolio that you can show future clients. This is done by posting your services and charging a low price. By offering an unbeatable deal, you will soon have clients, thus you will soon have a wonderful portfolio. Your point here will not be to make a huge profit, instead you are working to build your portfolio. Once that is done, you can charge new clients your regular price for your services. Clients will be willing to pay more for your services if you can show them that you have had satisfied customers in the past. The main thing you will want to do for your new online business is to gain new clients. By gaining enough regular clients, you can soon have a thriving business.

As you use Gigbucks to sell your services, you will be rated by your clients. This is why it is very important to build your skills and salesmanship. When a potential client is browsing your listing, they will be able to see your rating score. Having a good rating score will give the potential client confidence that you can do a good job for them. As you build your score, you are proving that you run a reputable business.

There is no reason that a great idea should not be turned in to a great income. Once you become a member of Gigbucks and work with clients to build your portfolio, you will learn what ideas of yours are bringing in the greatest amount of revenue. You will learn that some ideas work better than others. With that said, you should keep in mind that many Gigbucks sellers sell multiple services. It soon becomes apparent to them what their best sellers are.

Those who use Gigbucks love that they are in control of the amount of money that they can make. You will get to choose the days and hours that are best for you to work. It is nothing like having a nine to five job where you would get paid hourly or have a monthly salary. There is no having to wait to the end of the week for your paycheck. There is no need to ask your boss for a raise when you need more money. You will be in control of your income and will be able to decide when you get that raise.