I want android and ios app developed for max. $50.00

in: Technology • Expected delivery ~30 days

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Hi, Just wanted to give you a little background about my app. It is a niche social app for the sports community. Our main objective is to connect local athletes with each other. You are able to create a profile, create events, and other users are able to find events based on location and request to be part of the event. There is also friends and messaging functionality. We are looking to have a few bugs fixed in addition to a new set of features that that we can discuss more in detail. To be honest the bug fixes should not a account for more than a few days of work. As for the new features 1. Add Advertising in the app. 2. Create a web admin dashboard to send out notifications to users and to control the advertisements on the mobile app and also control the app sponsors. 3. Enhance our event notifications. 4. Add a sponsorship feature to the app. 5. Add private team functionality. There is also some other smaller enhancements and features.