I want Only USA people need for address verify Google verification per adress 2$ for max. $5.00

in: Social Marketing • Expected delivery ~30 days

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I'm creating Google+ pages and google requires verification, so I offer $2 on here for every address I can get a code sent to and you tell me code when delivered. All I need is addresses and google sends a post card to it (one time only) with code you give me and that's it! Code looks like photo You think you have a good street address, tell me address and I immediately submit a new Google+ page for that address and then once the code comes in the mail you tell me you have it. and if you and I like the way 1 works, you can keep giving me addresses anytime you can get one. As many as possible as long as they are scattered across the United States (no p.o. boxes) Of course I like to have many in major cities. Just regular mailing addresses work For 2 address verifiction you get 5$

Recurring: The offered service should be provided and charged every 30 days.