I want I need somebody to create a page on wordpress, which will automatically take avatars of all users to create my logo in a pixelated form. for max. $50.00

in: Programming • Expected delivery ~7 days

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I need a page on my wordpress site which which display all of my users' avatars, arrange from a-z in the silhouette of my logo (attached). The idea is that the more users that sign up the small the avatars will become and the clearer the logo will be. As such the avatars will have to automatically resize, depending on how many users have signed up. As all avatars will need to be displayed. I also want the avatars to make their way onto the page over 10 seconds, fading in from a-z, displaying all avatars to form a silhouette of the logo on a white background. I do not want any outline to the logo! I also need each avatar to display the user's name as they are hovered over and can click through to the user's profile. I have attached another photo of david beckham, which shows a pixelated image. I just need a white background and the avatars to form the silhouette, so not as difficult. Any questions please ask